Further information about missing satellite-tagged golden eagle Fred

Last week we blogged about the suspicious disappearance of one of our satellite-tagged golden eagles.

‘Fred’ vanished in the Pentland Hills close to Edinburgh in late January and then 3.5 days later his satellite tag indicated that he (or at least his tag) was in the North Sea, some 15 miles offshore from St Andrews until the tag finally stopped sending data a couple of days later (see here).

Since Fred’s disappearance, we have been talking to many experts and among them, the engineers at the tag manufacturing company. They have recently provided us with some further technical data from the tag which are shedding light on the circumstances of Fred’s highly suspicious disappearance.

These new data have been passed to Police Scotland who are following up. Obviously at this stage we are unable to comment further but rest assured we will have more to say in due course.

In the meantime, if anyone has any information about Fred’s disappearance please contact Police Scotland, Tel: 101, or alternatively call the RSPB’s new confidential raptor crime hotline: 0300-999-0101.

21 thoughts on “Further information about missing satellite-tagged golden eagle Fred”

  1. Why tell us you know more but give no clue as to what that is? Why not just keep your counsel until you can divulge? It’s the equivalent to a school yard ‘I’ve got a secret’, ‘Tell me’, ‘No’.

    1. RPS are keeping us informed that there are developments while sensibly not releasing information that might prejudice a criminal enquiry.

    2. I appreciate being informed that further developments are taking place, and have no complaint about evidence being withheld from the public domain at this stage. A serious crime appears to have been committed under suspicious circumstances, and it is reassuring to know that investigators are determined to find the truth.

    3. We don’t all indulge in school yard behaviour! I’m totally with RPUK here – keeping us informed is what it’s all about

  2. Gordon, I read this blog entry as RPS and others have made extensive enquiries and may have found further evidence which may be helpful to Police Scotland. It is reassuring to readers of RPS and hopefully will put the fear into those responsible for the eagle’s disappearance. My guess is that they are reading these pages..
    RPS is right to tread cautiously.

  3. Personally, I’d rather not know until there’s something to know. That said, I understand the comments above albeit they’d have a greater fear factor if more widely known.

    1. I trust Raptor Persecution UK to know what information can and can’t be shared. On that note, I’m delighted to know that the death of this golden eagle has not yet run it’s course while not knowing what is happening in any detail.

      Knowing very little about the case hasn’t changed the fact that what I do know has made my day.

  4. RPUK continue to retain my faith given all they have done and achieved in this very difficult field. More power to you.

  5. Well I am delighted that this hasn’t just been forgotten about. Enough of us are interested to know just what money grabbing humanoids are prepared to dish out to our wonderful, endangered, wildlife.
    Keeping your cards close to your chest is important in any investigation.
    I hope the killers may have an uneasy sleep each night now.

    1. I wish that was true Maureen. However, the estate Factor has probably had them in to tell them that ‘the boss’ has told him that they will make sure they get the best Counsel should the wheel come off and to be more careful next time.

  6. Ridiculous speculation, none of you know that “somebody” killed this bird, but are prepared to mouth off about it. It may well have been illegally killed, but nobody seems to remember we used to have a statistic called mortality associated with all species.
    If you crave the respectabillity that gives weight, think first.

    1. So, Bill ‘Poirot’, what’s your hypothesis? And keep in mind that, as you will have read in earlier posts about Fred, there is more known about the tag’s activities than released so far. And what about all the missing Hen Harriers?

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