Scot Gov’s grouse moor management review: update due in 2 weeks

Earlier this month the Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee met to discuss progress on the Scottish Raptor Study Group’s petition calling for licensing of all gamebird hunting.

The Committee agreed to write to Cabinet Secretary Roseanna Cunningham for a ‘detailed update’ on the proposals she announced back in May 2017, which included setting up an independently-led group to consider the environmental impact of grouse moor management techniques, and to recommend options for regulation, including licensing.

Since that announcement five months ago we’ve heard very little more about this, which is particularly disappointing given one of the proposals was to ‘Immediately review all available legal measures which could be used to target geographical areas of concern‘.

‘Immediate’ means occuring without delay. So has this immediate review of legal measures been completed? If not, why not? If yes, where is it?

In mid-September Roseanna Cunningham did tell the Scottish Parliament that “good progress is being made” on a number of the proposed measures and that she would “announce further details shortly“.

No further details have yet emerged.

The Environment Committee has now written to Roseanna for an update and has requested she responds by 10th November 2017.

4 thoughts on “Scot Gov’s grouse moor management review: update due in 2 weeks”

  1. Pleased to read that we have at least one committee in government who seem to wish matters dealt with in an appropriate time frame.

    Well done.

  2. Can’t wait for her reply, am sure it will be fascinating! I checked on the meaning of ‘shortly’ in the Oxford Dictionary. It says ‘soon, in a short time’. Perhaps it has a different meaning in Scotland?

    1. But what is “soon” and “a short time”? Both of those are completely relative and subjective. To a politician, even more so.

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