Police lead multi-agency wildlife crime search on game shooting estate in Borders

Statement issued this evening by Lothian & Borders Police:

As part of ongoing efforts to tackle wildlife crime, police in the Scottish Borders led an operation in the Longformacus area on Monday 5 June supported by our partners in the Scottish SPCA, RSPB Scotland and other experts.

Land and property were searched under warrant and a number of items were recovered for further examination.

Enquiries are ongoing and officers would urge anyone with information regarding wildlife crime to contact Police Scotland on 101, always dialling 999 if a crime is ongoing, or report information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Tackling wildlife crime and the impact this has on rural communities remains a priority for Police Scotland. Police Scotland is a member of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime.


A large number of vehicles and personnel were seen yesterday close to an estate in Longformacus, which lies on the eastern side of the Lammermuir Hills, an area dominated by driven grouse moors. We don’t know the name of the estate that was searched, nor what ‘items’ were recovered for further examination. We assume, as a warrant had been authorised for the search, that this was more than a speculative visit. We look forward to further updates from the Police once their investigation has progressed.

It’s encouraging to see Police Scotland working in partnership with other expert agencies and to see a press statement issued so quickly. More of this please!

Here are some maps to show the location of Longformacus and satellite imagery showing the position of the Lammermuir grouse moors:

UPDATE 20 February 2018: Scottish gamekeeper pleads guilty to animal cruelty offence (here)

15 thoughts on “Police lead multi-agency wildlife crime search on game shooting estate in Borders”

  1. Lets hope the paperwork was in order. Did they find anything incriminating, or was the landowner/manager tipped off?

  2. It’s unlikely that such an operation would have been conducted without foundation. And yes, It’s probably at this point – when it goes quiet for a while, that the “behind the scenes”, “we have no knowledge of this” type declarations are put forward, and influential individuals and bodies comment from the sidelines, before decisions are made whether to proceed, or not.
    We can also comment – these posts carry some weight, and don’t you forget it ! I would suggest you weigh-in with your comments – thoughtfully and constructively.

  3. Well done to all involved, let’s hope that if anything illegal is found that their efforts are rewarded by seeing justice prevail in the court room, surely this is not much to ask

  4. Well done Police Scotland.
    This is how wildlife crime should be tackled through intelligence led, proactive policing.

  5. Great to see the police engaging in partnership working with the correct agencies. This approach is known to be the most effective way to tackle such a difficult area of crime.

    Those who try to disrupt joint working are being exposed for having selfish agendas.

  6. Well done to everyone involved. This is the ‘real’ way to deal with wildlife crime. Hopefully if sufficient evidence of wrongdoing is found the PF will move to prosecution in a ‘petition’ case and not summary jurisdiction. It is time the ‘full’ weight of the law was used.

  7. Lets hope this kind of action makes other, shooting estates take notice and clean up there act, but experience tells me it won’t make any difference. I hope that I am proved wrong.

  8. Always willing to say well done to the Police when they get it right. Yes we need to see the outcome, but this is encouraging and must send a warning shot to others.

  9. Was there any mention of his gun licence being revoked as it could be argued that the Eagle Owl could be used as a lure to attract Raptors? Hmm I can’t think what might happen next.. It clearly was not a pet so why might a game-keeper be keeping an Eagle Owl?

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