Scarey man on an Angus Glens grouse moor

SCAREY MAN - CopyHere’s another entry for the Mysterious Visiting Fairies’ Guide to Getting Rid of Hen Harriers on Grouse Moors.

Filmed on a grouse moor in the Angus Glens (that well-known ‘wildlife haven‘) last week, it’s really little wonder that hen harriers haven’t bred on these grouse moors since 2006.

This is a Scarey Man Birdscarer. Powered by a 12 volt battery it can be set to display every 18 minutes for 25 seconds. It emits a loud noise (siren) and can also be illuminated for night work.

Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy the short video HERE





28 thoughts on “Scarey man on an Angus Glens grouse moor”

  1. Will these people never stop at eliminating our wild is good there is people out there showing what is going on. Well done and keep up the good work

      1. I’ve been told that “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but minor acts of criminal damage which benefits wildlife” is not a stance that this group can endorse, no matter how tempting, easy, and probably unprosecutable as long as you keep your mouth shut about doing it, it is. So, you, know. That would be naughty.

    1. Well once the English townies vote us out of the EU, just flat out legalising killing raptors once we are no longer bound by the EU to protect them. It won’t matter how much we protest, the locked in Landowner Majority Rule at Westminster will ignore any environmental pressure in favour of their own whims.

      That is what is next.

  2. Eroding blanket bog= no Muir burn allowed and illegal to use lead shot. Can we have our grants back please and good bye gun licence. Let’s scare them back.!

  3. You just wouldn’t believe it.

    They will resort to any tactic to scare of raptors from their moorlands. For schedule 1 species is this within the law?

  4. I was just thinking, maybe appropriate for the prairies of Cambridgeshire, when I saw Sea Eagle listed as a bird needing to be controlled! Presumably Harriers are not listed as there are so few left?

    1. I couldn’t understand your comment until i clicked on the link to Clarrats.
      Talk about inciting a crime!
      And Swallows, Swifts, Flamingos, Swans, Widgeon.
      The enemy really is mad

  5. I’ve just emailed Clarratt’s ( asking for their comments on this particular use of their product.

    1. I’ve sent them a comment too, about the ‘use’ of their dummy. they should all be shot (the dummies, that is 😉).

  6. This is probably a stupid question, but don’t the gas guns, bird scarers, and now scary men stop the grouse from breeding in the vicinity as well as birds of prey?

    1. Together with the rest of the ‘rare’ ground nesting birds that are lovingly being encouraged up on the grouse moors Carole ……..

    2. I don’t think it is stupid.
      Difficult to say this without getting moderated but presumably the pay off of scaring a few grouse is worth it so maybe the scarers of various kinds (they are becoming an arsenal,) are put at very specific sites, ahem, if you know what i mean,

      1. I think I made a comment to someone (those people who didn’t issue guidelines on there use) in an email about control of corvids with gas guns that they would probably need one per 50 acres to be effective (even then they are not as corvids so rapidly learn what is dangerous) I remember rooks on the A1 in the 70’s feeding in the road but walking just past the white line edge while traffic passed and then returning to whatever was in the traffic lane. Too much traffic now but they had rapidly learned cars are dangerous but not if I’m behind the white line.
        One scary man on a grouse moor – yes highly targeted at something.

  7. I’m glad there is someone out there keeping an eye on these people.
    It’s good to know what they are up to.
    It’s also good to know that they know they are being watched when they are doing things they shouldn’t.

  8. I’m sure this is all entirely innocent and the purpose of the scary man and bangers is to get the grouse used to the bangs and men in tweeds when they start taking pot shots. The grouse will be less frightened and stressed before they are humanely dispatched by some delicious lead shot! 😕

  9. You think you’ve seen it all from the destroyers of our natural heritage, but they continue to suprise day after day in their destructive efforts

    1. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until the English Townies have yanked us out of Europe due to their own racism and colonial nostalgia. Then there will be a real bloodbath of wildlife.

  10. Shame the springwatch team hadn’t spotted this new rare species of fauna – they could have had a live webcam on it and it would have been the highlight of the program with some serious chat as to its status as possibly a rare migrant from – Mars??

  11. To think that some idiot put this out seriously to scare off hen harriers is actually quite funny! The “scary man” appears to have been on a day trip to the Bowland Brewery!

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