Not such a Glorious Twelfth


There’s an article in the Independent this evening, written by Mark Avery, outlining his thoughts on why driven grouse shooting should be banned.

Article here

If you agree with his view, please consider signing this e-petition HERE.

Photo by Ruth Tingay

2 thoughts on “Not such a Glorious Twelfth”

  1. Excellent article, let’s hope it’s well read and absorbed by the general public, not just those who are already converted.

  2. An accurate and well written article, Mark.

    Today, David Cameron warned foreign fraudsters and corrupt officials that they can no longer “stash dodgy cash” in London’s luxury property market, as he announced a major review of ownership rules. Nicola Sturgeon should take the same approach to Scotland’s market for sporting estates, which suffers similar problems. Discovering the anonymous owners of many such estates would be a step towards persuading them to abandon the widespread contempt of the law engrained in their management culture.

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