Henry’s tour day 74: DEFRA

Mon 27 July(a) Copy

Henry went to visit DEFRA in London.

He was hoping for a private meeting with the Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Liz Truss. He wanted to ask her why her department’s plans for tackling hen harrier persecution remain unchanged despite the loss of five breeding male hen harriers in the space of a few weeks earlier this year.

Unfortunately she wasn’t available. Perhaps she was in other meetings discussing how best to senselessly kill thousands of badgers or poison millions of bees.

The DEFRA building looked like it had been under some sort of attack. All boarded up like a junkies’ crack house. You’d be forgiven for thinking they’ve been snorting something behind those wooden panels, judging by the decisions they’ve been making.

Was that Lord Sewel we saw leaving in a black cab?

Mon 27 July(b) Copy

2 thoughts on “Henry’s tour day 74: DEFRA”

  1. DEFRA is towing the government line: Increase profits for any big company and their rich friends, They don’t give a damn about the environment!!!!

  2. Sorry Henry
    David was probably splashing out on her at the time.
    Another XXXXX to the posh boys, like Barrington and his contemptable mates

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