Henry’s Tour: Day 4

Fri 27th March - Copy

Today Henry is visiting the Chatsworth Estate in the Derbyshire Peak District.

The bloke who lives in this mansion is called Peregrine and his late mum used to go grouse shooting with the late Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

Henry sky-danced all over the front lawns but unfortunately there weren’t any females around to see him.

So lonely.

5 thoughts on “Henry’s Tour: Day 4”

  1. The male pheasants are dancing around the ladies here at the moment … I think Henry needs some head adornment to plume himself up to really get the ladies attention! Loving these posts!

  2. Shared your newsletter with Dutch Bird Protection, who reacted, and the German NABU and BUND, who didn´t react yet. Does Bird Life International know about your mission? Hope you´ll get more publicity, Henry!

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