Chris Packham resigns from Hawk & Owl Trust

chris packham hh day - CopyChris Packham has announced on Twitter that he has resigned his presidency of the Hawk & Owl Trust:

I this week resigned as President of the Hawk & Owl Trust. Very sad, I’d been a member since 1975“.

When asked why, he wrote this:

Personal differences over ideas of policy“.

Whilst not explicitly stating it, it’s more than likely that this relates to the Hawk & Owl Trust’s recent controversial move to push forward with hen harrier brood management. We blogged about our views on this ludicrous policy here.

Chris’s resignation reflects the strength of feeling of many within the conservation community. It seems fair to assume that the Hawk & Owl Trust has no plans to re-think its position (otherwise Chris wouldn’t have resigned) and that is both sad and incredulous.

14 thoughts on “Chris Packham resigns from Hawk & Owl Trust”

  1. Sad..this must have been a very painful and dificult decision for him and I bet he tried his best to avoid it. See that the GWCT were crowing about the HOT’s stance. Think a lot of the HOT membership will be shocked by this, possibility that those responsible for ludicrous decision will resign?

  2. It seems to me that the sheer arrogance of Philip Merricks has caused all the controversy, had he not taken it upon himself to press forward with this unworkable “brood management” farce and sought recommendations and suggestions from experienced Raptor workers, particularly where Hen Harriers are concerned he may have realised it was a non starter. If he had come clean about what he considered to be it’s merits and discussed it with the many others who asked him on several occasions to share his ideas, it may not have come to this unhappy situation. But then of course there could be other strong influences from certain quarters working in the background pushing him into this situation, only he can tell us ???

  3. Mr P has regularised the situation then – as I thought he would – after consideration and reflection and who knows – perhaps he parted brass rags with O&HT…………………….Pip

  4. The Hawk & Owl Trust have lost the plot due to one officials ignorance but they are now in danger of loosing a lot more. Well done Chris, a man of principle.

  5. Respect Chris you always act in the best interests of the wildlife – you are a true champion and role model -brood management is a horrendous abomination of an idea ! Ending this ILLEGAL persecution is what needs to happen.

  6. “incredulous” means lacking belief as in the sentence,”The atheist was incredulous.” “Incredible” is the form of the word, you are looking for. The Hawk and Owl Trust’s polcy is indeed incredible. Shame on them and well done Chris.

  7. Chris Packham, with his significant public profile and widely acknowledged expertise, was a very important asset to the Hawk and Owl Trust giving it a high level of credibility amongst birders and others. Given that his strong principles and stance on wildlife protection are similarly well known to the public at large, let alone those who would have worked closely with him as president of the H & O T, his resignation was entirely predictable. It seems to me that this is further evidence that this policy is being pushed through without carefully weighing up the wider implications of the move or the strongly felt sentiments of presumably many members.

  8. Oh well, I see the H&OT may have lost several members who resigned in protest but at least they’ve gained Doug McAdam (SLE) and Philip Astor (owner of Tillypronie estate and GWCT director) as members.

  9. I have emailed The Hawk and Owl Trust and if this is confirmed I am resigning too. This is shameful and I devastated for Hen Harriers

  10. Coming late to this subject. Could someone tell me – is the Colonel Robin Reese-Webbe who is Vice-Chairman of the H & OT the same man who used to organise the Country Landowners Association Game Fairs back in the 1990’s???

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