Buzzard dies from gunshot injuries

A buzzard has died after sustaining gunshot injuries in Norfolk last week.

The injured bird was taken to the Toll Barn Veterinary Centre in Norwich last week by Phoenix Bird of Prey Rescue, where an x-ray revealed three shot gun pellets embedded in its body. The vets attempted to operate but the buzzard didn’t survive.

Another victim added to Norfolk’s growing raptor persecution crime tally.

Photos by Phoenix Bird of Prey Rescue & Toll Barn Veterinary Centre

Buzzard shot Norfolk dec 2014

buzzard shot norfolk dec 2014 toll barn veterinary centre x ray

6 thoughts on “Buzzard dies from gunshot injuries”

  1. Seems to be an arrogant macho attitude towards buzzards by some folks with guns, such like are not fit to own guns and should not go shooting.
    Another nail in the coffin of shooting, every case like this turns the general public against it.

  2. Norfolk is almost up to the same despicable level as Yorkshire, the Peak District and most of Scotland, with regard to wildlife crime.

  3. NFN…..Normal for Norfolk
    Location would be useful to know as some months ago one was found near Dereham…good news is that Buzzards are spreading back into Suffolk… As is the odd red Kite …merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Aw, poor bird’s vulnerable little body on the x ray, so sad. What can anyone get from attacking them but shame.

  5. Not all is bad news, at a site (formally?) known for raptor persecution in Norfolk, there is now a roost of up to 30 Red Kite, plus Buzzards are common in the area.

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