Killing with impunity: Birdcrime 2013 published

Birdcrime 2013The RSPB has published its latest annual report on crimes against birds in the UK in 2013.

Their press release here.

The killing goes on, with impunity.

76 individual birds & other animals were confirmed illegally poisoned in 2013. This is more than double the figure from 2012 (29 confirmed victims).

Poisoning victims in 2013 included 30 buzzards, 20 red kites, 1 golden eagle and 1 white-tailed eagle.

68 confirmed incidents involved the shooting or destruction of birds of prey. Victims included two hen harriers, two marsh harriers and 5 peregrines.

These are just the confirmed incidents. A total of 338 incidents were reported to the RSPB in 2013, with North Yorkshire once again being the worst location. There’s also a worrying number of incidents from Powys in South Wales, seemingly relating to poisoned baits.

Birdcrime 2013 is a thoroughly depressing read. The RSPB calls on the shooting industry, again, to clean up its act. Judging by the contents of this report, that’s a seemingly futile request.

Well done and thanks to the RSPB for not only compiling these thorough statistics but importantly, for sharing them in the public domain.

Download Birdcrime 2013: Birdcrime 2013

Hen harrier Bowland Betty, found shot dead on a grouse moor in North Yorkshire. (Photo by Natural England).

Bowland Betty

4 thoughts on “Killing with impunity: Birdcrime 2013 published”

  1. I was talking to a friend about hen harrier and other birds of prey persecution and how satellite gps was giving last known position data. He commented on how is the data transmitted? Is it encrypted? If not what is stopping the criminals collecting the data to continue their crimes? He suggested the encryption of gps data to protect the location data, ensuring it is only available to the RSPB and other legitimate users.
    Does this happen and if not why not?

  2. Very good comment Douglas Malpus.I would also like to know the position re GPS. How easy is it to follow the data of a GPS fitted to a Raptor and if you can do it on a “computer” for example and a dead bird is found on an “Estate” suspected of poisoning or shooting of Raptors in the past ,would it not be best evidence to seize computers,tracking equipment etc as why would they have or use such equipment ?
    Ach silly me ,I wasn’t thinking ,their allowed to store and keep banned substances on their “Estates” and no one seems to be held accountable,what chance would there be of seizing tracking equipment.
    Why not confuse the morons by attaching a couple of GPS systems to drones fitted with cameras or fit cameras to the Raptors so we can get to see what these idiots look like.

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