Ross-shire raptor death toll rises to 11….and counting

Red Kite Mali HallsThe incident we blogged about two days ago concerning the discovery of five dead red kites and two buzzards in Ross-shire, north Scotland (see here) has just got a lot worse.

The current figure is 11 corpses, according to the BBC, and we suspect more may yet to be found.

We know that at least eight of these corpses are red kites.

This is the worst single persecution incident to have been discovered for several years. Poisoning is strongly suspected.

More on this soon.

Red kite photo by Mali Halls.


10 thoughts on “Ross-shire raptor death toll rises to 11….and counting”

  1. I am lucky enough to live in Dumfries & Galloway, in an area where we regularly see red kites (including from the comfort of our own garden!). These are magnificent and very beautiful birds. I don’t think that any punishment currently available is severe enough to cover situations where someone has knowingly and deliberately killed a red kite – or indeed, any raptor. There has been such an effort to reintroduce them – can’t begin to understand the mindset of those who want to undo all that good work.

  2. and how many more will never be found. it is beyond time that firm action was taken against these criminals. estates must face consequences when they commit these crimes

  3. Well if this doesn’t shake the police up and smack SNH in the face I don’t know what will. It will be vey interesting to hear Paul Wheelhouses response to this outrage.

    Sooner or later they will have to admit that Raptor persecution is out of control, will they at last do something about it though, that is the question but what will be the answer ???

  4. If it is poison in these birds then the amount put out will be pretty huge and being a busy tourist area it is only chance that nobody has died by touching anything out of curiosity. If caught then jail must be the only option for these criminals. Let’s not forget also the agony that these birds would have gone through. It’s a huge tragedy, the whole sickening thing. Let us hope that local police and authorities are pro-active on this incident and launch an awareness campaign, postering and leafleting the area to ask for any information to help with the investigation as well as alerting the communities and wider public to the threats of poison that may still be about, if it is poison that’s found and no doubt it will be. If such an awareness postering campaign can be done by PAW-Scotland, to alert local communities of poacher activity in their area then isn’t it about time some Government money is spent on alerting the public to these sorts of wildlife crimes? Project Raptor thinks so and wouldn’t now be a good time to start? Lastly, let us hope that the results for cause of death on this latest incident come back very soon and not the weeks that we usually have to wait, which by that time it is too late to act.

  5. Doug Mc Adam and Alex Hogg must now realise they have no control over the people they represent, the situation is completely out of control, can anyone tell me of any other industry were this would be tolerated. what gives this industry the right to act so far outside the law, what action is the health and safety exec taking. is it safe to travel through Scotland with pet dogs or are the areas to be avoided were indiscriminate poison bates left out well sign posted.

  6. Absolutely disgusting I just hope that they get the scum that perpetrated these crimes. Yesterday I travelled a 60 mile round trip to Inverness, today a 200 mile round trip to Aberdeen, on both trips I didn’t spot one raptor of any kind. A few years ago I most certainly would have seen several Buzzards at least.

    As I’ve said before Scotland is fast becoming a joke with regard to birds of prey – wake up Paul Wheelhouse and the rest of the Parliament and do something before we lose them all.

    1. Right Chris you make a lot of sweeping statements about an area I know very well constantly claiming you never see any raptors. Now either you are visually impaired or you are lying to deliberately manipulate others that don’t know the area into thinking the situation is worse than it is! I’m sorry but claiming you can drive up the A9 and along the A96 without seeing ONE raptor is pure and utter NONSENSE!

  7. Now would also be a good time for certain organisations who have been conspicuous by their silence to front up to their responsibilities not only to their present members who have paid good money in subscriptions to fund recent projects but also for the future generations

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