Does this bird remind you of the Nazis?

Fearnan2This isn’t a spoof, although you would be forgiven for thinking it was.

A Tory MSP today attacked the RSPB’s petition to have the golden eagle formally recognised as our national bird because apparently this species is symbolic of the Nazis.

You really couldn’t make this up.

When Duncan Orr-Ewing (RSPB Scotland) and wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan were preparing for possible questions at today’s petition hearing at Holyrood, they probably never envisaged such a bizarre, aggressive and frankly absurd attack from Jackson Carlaw MSP, a member of the Public Petitions Committee. They handled it remarkably well.

Carlaw, who bears a striking similarity to Jim Davidson in more ways than one, is a member of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, representing West Scotland (see here).

We’re still waiting for the video of today’s proceedings to be published but when it is, we’ll add a link here so you can watch it yourself.

Meanwhile, just google ‘Jackson Carlaw eagle’ to get a flavour of how the press are reporting it.

The petition itself will now lead to a public consultation in due course.


18 thoughts on “Does this bird remind you of the Nazis?”

  1. This Jackson Carlaw sounds like a moron. Here’s an excerpt from his website:

    “Jackson Carlaw: I did indeed listen closely to that answer, cabinet secretary.

    As illustrated in this week’s “Scottish Farmer”, sea eagles are proving to be a real threat to lambs as well as to the native and iconic golden eagle. Given the evidence of the damage that sea eagles are doing in the west of Scotland, will the cabinet secretary accept that their reintroduction has proved at least to be problematic, and will he agree to protect the livelihoods of our farmers and crofters beyond the current policy of simply chucking jars of mint sauce among the lambs and saying to the sea eagles, “Enjoy”?

    Richard Lochhead: I am sure that Jackson Carlaw recognises the fantastic tourism boost that there has been in certain parts of Scotland due to the reintroduction of sea eagles. However, I recognise that there are also some genuine concerns among livestock farmers, particularly on the west coast of Scotland and elsewhere. In the past few days, I have been approached by some sheep associations who have asked to meet me on the subject. Of course, I will be happy to do so and to explore the issues that Jackson Carlaw has raised.”


    When he says “evidence” I assume he means the claims of crofters backed up by reliable hearsay, vouchsafed gossip and everybody-knows-that-we-don’t-need-what-you-call-scientific-fact type evidence…

    Jackson Carlaw would like to live in a Scotland populated exclusively by sheep, robins and tory voters.

  2. The mans a total idiot, the Golden Eagle has been held as an esteemed high symbol to many of the worlds civilizations for centuries, it’s only bigots such as Jackson Carlaw that give any credence to the continuing persecution of the Golden Eagle and the White-tailed Sea Eagle that is still taking place in Scotland.

  3. Mr Carlaw’s comments could be considered an insult to Poland where the eagle is their national emblem. Its a pity I feel that he didn’t engage his brain before opening his mouth.

    1. And Austria, France, various Scandinavian regions, Mexico, Egypt, etc. Indeed, it has been used for various reasons, in various parts of the world, for centuries.

      However, best of all, is his apparent ignorance to the fact that the Golden Eagle is, since its inception in 1918, the globally recognised symbol of the Royal Air Force! What an idiot! As well as the symbol for the RAF, the same symbol has been adopted by several Commonwealth air forces, and is used (or has been used) in various guises as individual squadron emblems within the RAF. Then you have the various Royal Navy ships that have proudly carried the name HMS Eagle, and one of the Royal Navy’s latest acquisitions, the unmanned aerial vehicle, ScanEagle.

      Will he now demand that the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy be disbanded for promoting imperial power?

        1. And to make it even better, if you look at the badge of the RAF, what do you see sitting atop the circlet surrounding the eagle? The imperial crown of the UK’s own royal family!

  4. He’s got his name all over the media, which is all he is about….remember, there are more giant pandas in Scotland than Tory MPs.

  5. List MSP’s Whit are they like? Ye cannae vote them in and ye cannae vote them out! Just a bunch of folk who know the right people. Carlaw is an ignorant clown.

  6. oh yeah and don’t that small and insignificant country across the pond (whos name escapes me) have an eagle as their national bird and even on the presidents seal.. give you a clue it begins in US and ends in A..Maybe Carlaw should petition them to change their presidential seal?

    Carlaw is a numpty of the first order. Problem is he gets press and parliament air time to follow up such crass and skewed view points.. No shocks though, it’s well know tories only stand up for the rich and land owners.

  7. The video of yesterday’s hearing has now been published. Available to watch for one month – see link at bottom of the post. Enjoy!

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