Poison awareness posters appear in Leadhills village

Leadhills village in South Lanarkshire has been saturated with a series of ‘poison awareness’ leaflets and posters, alerting the local community to the discovery of highly toxic (and illegal) poison on the surrounding hills earlier this year (see here). The poster warns the public of the dangers of coming in to contact with this poison (Carbofuran) and also provides contact telephone numbers (police, SSPCA and RSPB) if anyone finds any more or has information about who might be putting out the poison.

Is this community initiative the work of a local estate? Or the local police? Or the local council? Or PAW Scotland? Nope, none of the above. It’s the handiwork of Project Raptor.

It’ll be interesting to see how long the posters and leaflets remain on display. Last year we blogged about the mysterious disappearance of another sign at Leadhills (see here).

PR Leadhills flyer


10 thoughts on “Poison awareness posters appear in Leadhills village”

  1. A good initiative…I think all too often local people in communities near poisoning and raptor killing estates have no idea what is going on..its particularly important to make sure that local press and media are alerted when one of the few court cases happens, for instance.
    Dont let the killers get away with the big lie that, “no one cares”.

  2. Well done Project Raptor. The perpetrators of these crimes well soon take them down though, I fear.

    Very true what the sign refers to in respect of the impact on tourism, I have visited that area in the past but would very much have second thoughts about returning, the only wild life that I remember being there in abundance was rabbits!

  3. Great work, Project Raptor! However, due to certain sections of the shooting industry’s inability to adhere to the laws of the land in relation to wildlife persecution, I’m quite sure that crimes such as theft and destruction will now be on the agenda, and the posters will be removed in haste.

  4. Maybe notices such as this should be posted at all known wildlife persecution blackspots, you never know with a bit of luck they may do someone who deserves it more harm than good!

  5. We did expect that as soon as those people who feel threatened by the posters saw them that they would make efforts to remove them. Hopefully the shops in the area, whose staff were shocked by what they read, will continue to be happy to distribute the leaflets we gave to them and also keep the posters in the shops up on their notice boards. Villages such as Leadhills and Abington in South Lanarkshire are quite close nit communities and I’m sure that the information has already spread by word of mouth, even though the posters may have been removed from the streets by now. More actions to come in the future across Scotland! Short report on this recent action and the reasons why Project Raptor decided to do it will be on our website later this week.

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