Police appeal 3 weeks after shot buzzard found dead in Borders

6754Police in the Scottish Borders are appealing for information after a shot buzzard was found dead close to St Mary’s Loch.

The dead bird was found by a dog walker on 6th March and it’s believed to have been there for about three days.

BBC news article here

It’s good to see the police launch an appeal but why did it take three weeks? Good to see also that this incident features on their own website (here). Perhaps this is the influence of the new wildlife crime officer in this region, PC Hannah Medley? Good for her if it is.

Anyone with info about this incident, please call the police on 101.

Oh, and Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse, we’re hope you’re watching. Here’s ANOTHER crime against birds of prey in Scotland – and another one that won’t show up on the annual poisoning maps. How many more incidents are needed before you take the action you’ve promised us you’ll take?

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