Pets killed by the bird poisoners

poisonThere’s an article in the Express today talking about pets that have been poisoned by gamekeepers (see here). According to the article, ‘new figures show 60 dogs and 28 cats have been poisoned in the last decade’. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t tell us who published these ‘new figures’ or on what evidence they’re based.

We do know that pets are poisoned, snared, shot etc by gamekeepers because we’ve read the stories in the newspapers and seen the toxicology reports –  we just aren’t sure about the accuracy of these ‘new figures’.

The article goes on to say, ‘over the past decade more than 250 protected birds such as golden and white-tailed eagles, peregrine falcons, red kites and buzzards have died and there are fears a child could fall victim if they touch the bait’. This figure, we know, is definitely an underestimate of the number of raptors poisoned over the last decade.

The main thrust of the article is based around last week’s news that the UK government has decided to ignore the Environmental Audit Committee’s recommendations for addressing wildlife crime (see here) and how the Opposition are now slagging them off for it.

If you think gamekeepers should be held accountable for what they get up, please sign this e-petition: HERE.

3 thoughts on “Pets killed by the bird poisoners”

  1. The more that this criminal activity by gamekeepers in our countryside is made known to the public, so much the better. I know people in Dalwhinnie that have had pets poisoned, but these criminals have no compassion for their lose, and carry on regardless.

  2. We received the following comment via email from a blog reader in the know:

    “There is no absolute duty on a veterinary surgeon to report alleged criminal activity and this is at his or her discretion”.

    So in other words, if a member of the public finds a poisoned, shot etc animal, whether that be a domestic pet or a wild bird, and takes the animal to a vet, the vet is not obliged to report the incident to the police.

    What effect does that have on the ‘official’ statistics about these crimes?

  3. Whatever birdwatchers may think of cats..the killing of cats by gamekeepers is one of the mainly, unreported, areas of concern to those with the misfortune of living close to shooting estates.I’ve heard horrific stories in my time, including keepers using silenced rifles to kill cats on the edges of villages in the middle of the night.Unlike dogs they have no absolute legal protection. Poisoning however is another matter – its always illegal to poison cats or dogs. Vets have very mixed responses to this problem – some of them do get angry enough to report poisonings..and sadly, some dont.
    It should be remembered though that vets are not experts on toxicology..if a pet has died its only by submitting it or samples from it for post mortem by SASA, that you will absolutely have a confirmed poisoning incident…and in the pathetic game of “are they all at it or not” that we are forced to play here, facts are our best weapon – no matter how obvious repeated rumours and journalists reports for decades can seem to us…

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