SNH fail to deliver

1340845155095That headline could relate to oh so many things.

In this instance though, we’re talking about SNH’s failure, so far, to publish all the correspondence they received in relation to the 2013 general licence consultation.

They said it would be published on their website on either Wednesday or Thursday (see here). Today is Friday and we can’t see it. We did see a notice saying ‘essential maintenance’ was being carried out on the website. Hmm.

If I was a cynical gambler I’d have odds on for publication today at 16.59hrs…

4 thoughts on “SNH fail to deliver”

  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of cynicism blogmeister…sure beats believing everything youre told…

    Merry raptor persecution free Xmas by the way…

  2. SNH have now put all the responses up on their website, 31 responses in all. Encouragingly, a lot of the responses expressed concerns about GL and in particular the addition of clam traps. Unfortunately the concerns expressed in these responses appear to have been swept under the carpet by both SNH and now the Scottish Executive (see Paul Wheelhouse’s weak reply).

    There is a need to address this ignorance. Perhaps it is time for a concerted repsonse from a coalition of wildlife support groups – a legal challenge to this GL, and a public awareness campaign (about raptor persecution and the fact this is going on, unabated, and now with the apparent support of SNH and the SE) are needed.

    [Ed: Yes, thanks Dan. We’ll be blogging about this in due course. Cheers.]

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