Liddell’s trial now postponed until March 2013!

Blimey. Talk about the wheels of justice moving slowly….

The trial of prison officer Keith Liddell, accused of 16 offences relating to alleged illegal egg-trading, will now be delayed for a further five months. We’ve been reporting on this case since July 2011, and the investigation itself has been running since at least 2009 when the police raided three houses and uncovered over 14,000 wild birds’ eggs. The alleged offences are said to stretch back  to the years 2004 – 2009. Liddell has denied the charges.

You have to wonder what sort of effect these delays might have on the outcome of these trials; surely it can’t be helpful for anyone concerned, from the police, the prosecuting fiscal, the witnesses, the defence, the sheriff and even the accused.

The trial is set to continue in March 2013.

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Liddell’s trial began last week at Inverness Sheriff Court and attracted a fair amount of media interest:

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2 thoughts on “Liddell’s trial now postponed until March 2013!”

  1. Probably the same odds as him being in the masons Or having friends in high places. Another farce acted out at the tax payers expense.

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