Alleged wild birds’ egg trader is a prison officer!

The trial against alleged wild birds’ egg trader, Keith Liddell, continued at Inverness Sheriff Court yesterday. According to an article in The Scotsman this morning (see here), Liddell is an Inverness prison officer!!

The article in The Scotsman reports that three homes had been raided by police looking for illegal rare birds’ egg collections, including a house in Durham and a mansion in West Lothian (presumably this one, reported here). In total, over 14,000 eggs were seized in the three raids. According to the BBC, earlier this week the trial heard from a police officer involved with the Durham house raid who told the court that in addition to thousands of eggs found during that search were boxes labelled ‘K Liddell’ and with an Inverness postcode (read the BBC report here).

Liddell’s trial continues, after a series of lengthy delays (see here, here, here, here, here, here). He denies 16 charges involving illegal egg trading.

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