“Red kite tried to snatch my dog”, says fashion model

Berkshire fashion model (’32 and married’, says the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph) claims a red kite ‘stalked’ her and her handbag-sized dog…it’s really not worth giving this column space. If you want to read more see:

Daily Telegraph here

Daily Mail here

Maidenhead Advertiser here

7 thoughts on ““Red kite tried to snatch my dog”, says fashion model”

  1. er, which one in the photograph is a model? Difficult to tell- one of them is an artificially created toy, which bears little resemblance to the rest of its species, and which serves little use bar to look good..

    The other one is genetically a wolf.

    1. Stew,

      a tad loose with your definition of ‘Lady’ surely? Annoyingly, the headline is what will stick in most folk’s minds.

  2. “quick-thinking Kate ran forward and shouted and stamped her feet, scaring it off.”

    Ha Ha Ha … this has to be a joke! …….
    Have you ever tried stamping your feed in a field? It makes a huge, scary lot of noise, doesn’t it …. NOT!

    Anyway, I notice that this article was in the “Maidenhead Advertiser” … now why do I find that funny! ;-)

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