Big, big day in court (part 3)

Last month we blogged about a high profile case of significant public interest that was due to be heard in February but was postponed.

The case came back to the court yesterday for a notional diet (legal jargon for the discussion of a legal point) and has now been continued to the next hearing in April.

At this stage we are not naming the accused, or the charge(s) he faces, or details of the alleged incident(s). These will all be reported in due course. You’ll understand the need for tight lips when the case details finally emerge.

The outcome of this particular case will be informative on oh so many levels. We are watching with interest….

3 thoughts on “Big, big day in court (part 3)”

  1. I’m sure we are all waiting with baited breath – if you’ll excuse me using that term on this blog!!! Let us pray it will be a cause for champagne and not yet more frustration. We have had our fill of ‘notional diets’being used to ensure that cases run out of time. Having just read Dave Dick’s new book, I can only stand in wonder at his tenacity in the face of such happenings, and I have to say that it has certainly served to open my eyes to certain events which have occurred in my own battles to bring perpetrators of wildlife crimes to book here in Cumbria. Just as a matter of interest – to date has there ever been a case where the offender has received a maximum sentence for a wildlife crime?

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