It’s oh so quiet

Is it just us, or is anyone else curious about the deafening silence of landowner and gamekeeper organisations following last week’s report about the discovery of poisoned bait on Glenlochy Estate (see here)?

For two organisations (Scottish Land and Estates and Scottish Gamekeepers Association) who have been making (welcome) press statements about their condemnation of criminal raptor persecution, and their desire to ‘stamp it out’ of their industry, it seems a bit of a missed opportunity. We wonder whether Glenlochy Estate is a member of the SLE? We wonder whether any Glenlochy Estate gamekeepers are members of the SGA? We don’t know, because neither group publishes their membership lists for public scrutiny. And to be fair, neither group is obliged to publish that information, but you’d think that in light of the recent discovery, which isn’t the first for this particular area (see here), these groups would want to grab every opportunity available to publicly distance themselves from what appears to be another incident of alleged wildlife crime on a Scottish sporting estate. Wouldn’t you?

2 thoughts on “It’s oh so quiet”

  1. I dont expect we will hear anything re this lot. I always got the impression that even for the SGA this regime was “beyond the pale” – alleging use of poorly trained and unprofessional keepers. Compared to the other superbly trained and highly professional ones who regularly appear on these pages….!

    Spoiling it for everyone by being too blatant…

    1. I wonder, are they the same superbly trained and highly professional keepers who are so proficient at Raptor persecution and are the leading experts in the use of poisoned baits.

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