Andy Wightman revamps ‘Who Owns Scotland’ website

Formidable land reform campaigner Andy Wightman has revamped his ‘Who Owns Scotland‘ website – a fantastic resource for anyone interested in land ownership and a site I’ve used countless times to investigate locations of raptor persecution crimes.

Here’s a new brochure from Andy to encourage new subscribers:

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Andy at

You might also be interested in following Andy’s personal blog, Land Matters, here.

4 thoughts on “Andy Wightman revamps ‘Who Owns Scotland’ website”

  1. 10,500 acres of a former grouse Moor is now owned by the people of Langholm after paying several million pounds to the Duke of Buccleuch.
    It’s the best place on mainland Scotland to see hen harriers, although sadly some of those have been killed or disappeared after they travelled to some notorious grouse moors.
    The nature reserve has ecological restoration at its heart, including peatlands, and it will be a fantastic place for wildlife and people in the years to come.
    So that is a bit of good news about landownership in Scotland

  2. I’ve been playing the lottery twice a week for many years now just hoping one day I can buy a grouse moor or country estate and turn it into a wildlife haven where raptors can fly free!!

  3. The fact is that many of the aristos acquired their thousands of acres by theft of the common lands belonging to the people of Scotland.

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