Goshawk monitoring in Scottish highlands features on BBC Landward

The BBC’s Landward programme last week included a six minute feature on goshawk monitoring in the Scottish highlands.

Presenter Rosie Morton accompanied Dave Pierce and Brian Etheridge, two long-standing members of the Highland Raptor Study Group, to a goshawk nest to ring three chicks.

The programme is available on the BBC iPlayer (here) for 11 months. Starts at 1.27 min and ends at 7.00 min.

2 thoughts on “Goshawk monitoring in Scottish highlands features on BBC Landward”

  1. Great work , goshawks are a species still heavily persecuted throughout the UK and can easily go unmissed by focusing on other higher profile species.

    Well done Brian and Dave.

  2. Great to see a good piece to make folk aware of these amazing birds and the work of people like Brian and Dave, how monitoring and ringing works plus why we do it.

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