‘Chris Packham should not be silenced by hunters’ – new petition launched

Although the BBC has already effectively told the Countryside Alliance where to shove its latest vindictive call for Chris Packham to be gagged or sacked (see here), someone has launched a counter petition to the one being promoted by the Countryside Alliance, just to ram home the message that ‘Chris Packham should not be silenced by hunters’.

If you’d like to sign this petition it can be found HERE

6 thoughts on “‘Chris Packham should not be silenced by hunters’ – new petition launched”

  1. Doncha just love these right wing “freedom” loving types getting all upset about someone using their freedom to criticise said right wing types and trying to censor critics?

    Snowflakes, eh?

  2. It isn’t hunting, or a game, not a sport either. It is the slaughter of harmless, defenceless small birds and mammals by socially inadequate individuals whose only way of communicating with other people is by bullying and intimidation, and the only way of communicating with other life is to kill it.

  3. I feel that people that hunt haven’t actually taken a step back and even thought about the consequences of their actions. They are just following what people have done in the past without question. If they really thought about it…without peer pressure….they would find their own actions really quite disturbing!!

    1. This is a very valid comment. I used to be an angler, like my father and grandfather before me. I never thought about how wrong it was to exploit living creatures for my own purposes. The presence of a vulnerable pair of Great Crested Grebes on a lake where I fished showed me that monitoring and protecting them was a far more constructive way of spending my outdoor time.

      I am now horrified when I think of the harm which could have resulted from all those fishes being hooked and handled. I hope that my efforts in the field of nature conservation have gone some way towards compensating for any harm that I did.

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