BBC programme ‘Caught Red Handed’ features conviction of buzzard-killing gamekeeper John Orrey

A BBC programme called ‘Caught Red Handed‘ has featured the conviction of buzzard-killing gamekeeper John Orrey and the role of the RSPB Investigations team in bringing him to justice.

Caught Red Handed‘ is a daytime TV programme, hosted by Dom Littlewood, that ‘looks at clever ways that the police and the public are catching crooks red handed‘. Currently being broadcast at 10am every weekday, this is bound to have brought the spectre of illegal raptor persecution to a much wider audience.

Orrey, you may recall, was convicted in January this year after covert footage provided by the RSPB caught him battering buzzards to death after he’d caught them in an illegally-set trap on a pheasant shoot at Hall Farm, Kneeton, Nottinghamshire (see here).

In the programme, previously-unseen footage of the police raid is shown:

There is an extensive interview with RSPB Investigator Tom Grose, who provides a behind-the-scenes explanation of the investigation. His poise and professionalism is exemplary.

This episode of Caught Red Handed is available on iPlayer for 29 days (here) and the feature lasts for about ten minutes, starting at 7.21 mins.

6 thoughts on “BBC programme ‘Caught Red Handed’ features conviction of buzzard-killing gamekeeper John Orrey”

  1. It was quite surprising: they didn’t show anything too graphic but it was well done. Nor did they comment on the pathetic sentences given.

  2. Is it any surprise that landowners don’t want to give the rest of us more and better access to the countryside?
    And no, the punishment certainly didn’t fit the crime. Does it ever?
    No doubt his boss will give him a nice fat bonus for his trouble.

  3. Great work by the RSPB Investigations Team. However, can anyone else think of any other sort of widespread organized crime, where the prosecution of these organized armed criminals, is almost completely down to an NGO and the police and authorities are just not investigating this, and are not given the resources? Where this organized crime, is mainly only investigated, if NGOs do the investigations first and pass on the evidence to the police. Imagine how low convictions would be for drugs offences, armed robbery etc, if they were only investigated like raptor persecution is, and the perpetrators got similar sentences to those convicted of raptor crime.

  4. Well done and thank you Tom and the RSPB Investigations Team, thank you too to Caught Red Handed, let’s get more of this kind of truth out there so the public see the reality of wildlife crime.

    As for ‘punishment’ I am reminded of the verse “The law locks up the man or woman Who steals the goose from off the common But leaves the greater villain loose Who steals the common off the goose” three other verses available.

  5. Thank you Tom and thank you Ruth. A factual piece showing how vile some people are. The sentences handed down are abysmal and should be appealed. However I believe judges have very limited powers regarding this type of offence?

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