Sparrowhawk shot and another suspected shot – Police & SSPCA investigate

Police Scotland and the Scottish SPCA have launched an investigation after the confirmed shooting of a sparrowhawk and the suspected shooting of another, found in the same area of Renfrewshire in April, one week apart.

The following article is from the Daily Record (dated 15th July 2022):

Two birds of prey ‘shot dead’ in Renfrewshire as probe launched.

Animal welfare chiefs say they suspect that two birds of prey have been shot dead in the space of a week.

The Scottish SPCA is working with Police Scotland as they look into the incidents after a firearm was confirmed as being used in one of the Sparrowhawk’s death.

One bird had to be put to sleep, while another was found dying with suspicious injuries which the SSPCA believe may be linked. A bird initially thought to have been stunned was found on Lochwinnoch Golf Course, Renfrewshire, on April 5 but its injuries were unsurvivable.

An undercover Scottish SPCA special investigations unit inspector said: “It was initially thought that the bird had been stunned but upon examination at the Scottish SPCA National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross, it was discovered that they had been shot.

This caused a catastrophic shoulder injury and sadly resulted in the bird having to be put to sleep.

Another member of the public also reported finding another sparrowhawk the week before, which was bleeding from the wing. Unfortunately, that bird died before help could be called for.

It is unknown if they had also been shot but it’s certainly very suspicious that two sparrowhawks with similar injuries were found in the same area only a week apart.

We are working closely with Police Scotland to establish the circumstances around the bird’s injuries due to the use of a firearm in the incident.

We would like to find out what happened to this sparrowhawk.

If anyone witnessed anything or has any information they feel may be relevant they can contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999 or Police Scotland on 101, quoting incident number KB01540722 of 5 April 2022.”


10 thoughts on “Sparrowhawk shot and another suspected shot – Police & SSPCA investigate”

  1. Why tell lies, if the birds were shot say it,as the article says, IT IS NOT KNOWN IF THE BIRDS WERE SHOT,,,,, Why lie?

      1. The xray shows one pellet, and looking at the xray there seems to be no major trauma,, possibly an old injury. DEFINITELY NOT FATAL injury.
        I do not agree with unlawful shooting of B of P but putting out misleading information is wrong.
        By the way I’ve been working with B of P for 39 years.

        1. No major trauma? If someone shot a prized busscchaert would you consider similarly to be no big deal? Have you read the text? It may be just one pellet – an air rifle pellet, but would you like to stand 20yards away and be shot in the shoulder by your average 12fp CO2 air rifle? Or by one pressurised way over that legal limit by your typical moron that thinks losing a couple of couple of scraggy pigeons entitles him to take the law into his own hands.

          1. Surely you’re not implying that Mr Surtees is involved in the pigeon “industry”, and that therein lies the motivation behind his juvenile claims?

    1. One bird has been confirmed shot ,as per the xray.

      The second bird was not confirmed shot , im guessing because the body was not made available or something similar.

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