Update on shot red kite in Essex

On Wednesday I blogged about a police investigation into a shot red kite that had been found in Galleywood Road, Chelmsford, Essex (see here).

The details were a bit sketchy but Essex Police Wildlife Crime Officer Jed Raven had said he believed the kite had suffered wing injuries after someone had fired a shotgun at this protected species.

[A red kite, photo by Geoff Snowball]

A further update now reveals that the kite was shot, it flew a short distance, landed in a tree, and then fell from the tree in front of witnesses who took the injured bird to a wildlife hospital.

The kite is currently undergoing treatment.

[Ed: NB. An earlier version of this article said the red kite had died as a result of its injuries. This was incorrect]

If you have any information about this crime, which was committed on 14th November 2021, please contact Essex Police on Tel 101 and quote crime reference number: 42/265786/21

Please note, this police investigation is one of two separate incidents concerning dead red kites. The other one relates to the discovery of a dead red kite that had been found in suspicious circumstances in the Uttlesford area of Essex earlier this month (here).

UPDATE 14th December 2021: Shot red kite successfully rehabilitated and released in Essex (here)

3 thoughts on “Update on shot red kite in Essex”

  1. Quite a number of years ago I met a couple of young guys with shot guns near the site of a hobby nest. I had heard shots and saw what I now realise was a family of hobbies in flight.

    If only I knew then what I know now!

  2. Trying to imagine the real figures, headline 1 red kite shoot.
    When I think about it, does it mean the same as other reported crimes. Thousands happen every day ,yet we hear more about celebrities getting new girlfriends.

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