Chris Packham backs grouse moor reform group ahead of key meeting

An article published in The National today:

A TV wildlife expert has backed the work of a grouse moor reform group ahead of a key national conference.

Chris Packham has praised the work of Revive ahead of its national conference this weekend. The wildlife expert, TV presenter and conservationist, who is currently at COP26, will host the event. Themes will include issues surrounding intensive grouse moor management in Scotland and examine where this fits within the land reform debate.

The one-day event, People, Wildlife & Environment, run by Revive, has sessions on more wildlife on our moors, energising our environment and land reform, people and power. [See the full programme here]

Speakers include National columnist, broadcaster and campaigner Lesley Riddoch, ecologist Dr Helen Armstrong, Ruth Tingay from Raptor Persecution UK, RSPB Scotland’s Duncan Orr-Ewing, MSPs Colin Smyth, Paul McLennan and Mark Ruskell and former MSP Andy Wightman among others.

Packham said: “As we digest the events of COP26 I’m excited to be staying in Scotland to tackle another real and serious concern, which is the management – or mismanagement – of grouse moors and the circle of destruction which surrounds these.

Scotland’s grouse moors are firmly in the public eye, thanks to Revive and I’m delighted to be hosting their national conference.

Revive is an organisation I wholeheartedly support, it is a movement of people taking action because they care about our wildlife and our environment. The desire for reform is growing every single day. Scotland deserves better and our wildlife and environment needs this more than ever.”

Campaign manager for Revive, Max Wiszniewski, added: “We’re thrilled that Chris Packham is hosting our conference this weekend. He has been a firm supporter since our launch three years ago and has been pivotal in the progress Revive has made towards our vision for better land use alternatives.”

The conference takes place on Sunday at the Perth Concert Hall.


Please note, tickets will not be on sale at the door. If you’d like to book, please buy your tickets in advance here

9 thoughts on “Chris Packham backs grouse moor reform group ahead of key meeting”

  1. That Man doesn’t live in the real world hes fax and figures are so wrong he should go and live in the areas then he might now wot he is taking about the man is a complete you now wot dont lessen to him he might move to another world with a bet of luck I would by his one way ticket

    1. Dear Sir B games,

      I appreciate how hard it is to see your hobby under pressure but the pressure is largely down to the continued illegal raptor persecution that is so clearly linked to game bird shooting. We’d be quite happy for you to refute this as usual because it gives us the opportunity to display all the evidence again and again.

      It’s highly unlikely Chris will read your comment so I would like to thank you for making the effort. I am absolutely sure such posts are helpful to your cause please continue to share this exact message far and wide.


      The people that aren’t ruining the uplands

    1. It might well be, Pip. But trust me, we’ve had some real doozies on here over the years! This kind regularly surface on antisocial media; attacking/libelling the WJ directors, or the RSPB. Their grasp of their own language is as poor as their understanding of simple ecological fact.

  2. Look forward to reading about the conference on this brilliant website. Congratulations to Mr Packham for backing reform of Scottish Grouse moors and seeking better viable use of land other than hosting destructive ‘sports’ which are elitist, out of date and out of time.

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