Three buzzards ‘killed illegally’ says South Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire Police tweeted this yesterday:

The Off Road Bike Team located 2 gralloched Deer & 3 dead Buzzards on Doncaster patch today. Having spoken to landowners the deer have been poached, & buzzards killed illegally. The team will be extending our patrols into the night‘.

There aren’t any further details.

4 thoughts on “Three buzzards ‘killed illegally’ says South Yorkshire Police”

  1. I know zero about this area or this particular case – but in general I am sick of the tendency of many of the police to always repeat what is stated by “the landowner” at the first opportunity – it is just a variation of cap doffing. The police should surely formulate and promulgate their own opinions for the public to consider rather than casually repeating the words of those who in many cases (though not neccessarily this one) may be among the list of suspects.

    1. Agree with that, why would the landowner know more than the investigating police??…also, first time Ive heard of deer poachers taking time out to kill buzzards. What killed the buzzards?…what if the gralloch was a bait…a lot of questions here.

  2. Not a particularly good response from the “offroad blke team” or their mouthpieces – just a quick “nothing to see here” and case closed. So no-one on the estate heard the rifle shots, or saw anything untoward at night or through the day and not even the policemans biggest ally – the dog walker was about. I take it the 3 birds (funny that) were checked for a fast acting poison – doesn’t sound like it though. All in all – piss poor.
    Mr Dick has, as usual, the nub of it.

  3. At the very least I would have expected a press release indicating what has become of the dead buzzards. Three dead, apparently in the same locality, is simply crying out for X-ray and, if appropriate, WIIS.

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