It’s Hen Harrier Day! Live broadcast starts at 10am

It’s Hen Harrier Day, the 8th year this event has been part of the UK’s conservation scene.

Covid restrictions have meant that once again the event has had to move online, but the upside is that this provides more opportunity to reach a wider audience.

This year Wild Justice has put together the programme and Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin will be hosting the live broadcast from 10am to 11.30am (click here to watch). They’ll be joined by a wide variety of guests and contributors discussing the problems with current upland management and how these issues could be addressed.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, whether that’s bidding for some fantastic original artwork (including a piece by Jim Moir [Vic Reeves] no less!), buying a t-shirt, or signing the Call for Action to your local parliamentary representative. All proceeds will go to Wild Justice and its conservation campaign work, including work to protect the hen harrier.

Stand by for an eventful show!


[Female hen harrier, photographed by Laurie Campbell]

One thought on “It’s Hen Harrier Day! Live broadcast starts at 10am”

  1. That was an excellent broadcast, many thanks to all those to made it possible.

    I liked Chris’s point at the end. Shooters who want to shoot legally, responsibly and sustainably should have no problem with the vast majority of what was said, and the vast majority of what is published on RPUK.

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