Revive hustings – which political parties are supporting grouse moor reform in Scotland?

There was a fascinating political hustings last night where candidates from the five main parties were quizzed for an hour and a half about their views on various aspects of grouse moor management and reform.

Imagine that happening in England? No, me neither. But the fact that this took place in Scotland, with political candidates from all the main parties prepared to spend a few hours of their time discussing this one issue, is testament to the growing public concern about the role of grouse moor management in the climate and nature emergencies and thus its subsequent position on the political agenda.

The hustings was hosted by REVIVE, the coalition for grouse moor reform, whose members are OneKind, League Against Cruel Sports, Friends of the Earth, Common Weal and Raptor Persecution UK.

Max Wiszniewski compered the event with additional support from Louise Robertson and the candidates were as follows:

Mairi McAllan, SNP (former lawyer & special advisor to First Minister on Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform)

Laura Moodie, Scottish Greens

Ian Davidson, Scottish Labour (who also featured at the Scottish Gamekeepers Association hustings last month – see here)

Alan Reid, Scottish Liberal Democrats 

Edward Mountain, Scottish Conservatives (who also featured at the SGA’s husting last month and describes himself as a ‘proud member’ of the SGA – see here)

As expected, there was a variety of views and approaches, some credible, some not, and some of these views were quite different from the views put forward by different candidates of the same parties at the Scottish Gamekeepers’ hustings last month (see here).

On the subject of raptor persecution, all candidates were clear on having a zero tolerance policy…..and yet still it goes on.

The event was recorded and is available to watch below:

2 thoughts on “Revive hustings – which political parties are supporting grouse moor reform in Scotland?”

  1. You have Friends of the Earth rather than Friends of the Earth Scotland as the Revive member – sorry to be picky, but know you’ll want to fix that. I noticed that Edward Mountain seemed to sneak in a few dubious things such as the need to kill deer AND mountain hares to protect trees – funny I can’t remember them having to kill mountain hares to bring the forest back at Glenfeshie. Maybe that was helped by native predators being left alone. He also made a reference to eagle chicks from Scotland dying in the Irish golden eagle reintroduction. This is an old chestnut that they use to keep trying to undermine this genuine conservation project. Mortality was always going to be highish with first year birds, translocations don’t make their subjects invincible or immortal. However, the opposition did its best to make out practically all the birds were moved from Scotland to their pointless deaths. In the SNH report there’s actually a rebuke for the SGA misrepresenting the scheme – I find that incredible in an official report from a government department. They must have been incredibly pissed off to do that and it doesn’t reflect well on the SGA. Then Edward Mountain makes a comment about eagles from Scotland dying in Ireland. A big thank you to Max and Louise for an excellent hustings.

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