Political hustings organised by REVIVE – the coalition for grouse moor reform

Here is your opportunity to quiz parliamentary candidates from Scotland’s five main political parties about their position on grouse moor reform.

REVIVE, the coalition for grouse moor reform, is hosting an online political hustings next Thursday (22nd April 2021) between 6-7.30pm on Zoom.

Candidates will be asked specifically to discuss the following aspects of grouse moor management:

  • Raptor persecution
  • Muirburn
  • Mountain hare slaughter
  • Snaring, trapping and killing of wildlife on grouse moors
  • Mass outdoor medication (medicated grit stations)
  • The use of lead ammunition
  • Unregulated tracks and roads

The following candidates have agreed to attend:

Mairi McAllan, SNP (former lawyer & special advisor to First Minister on Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform)

Laura Moodie, Scottish Greens [updated 19th April – change of candidate from Ariane Burgess]

Ian Davidson, Scottish Labour (who also featured at the Scottish Gamekeepers Association hustings last month – see here)

Alan Reid, Scottish Liberal Democrats [updated 19th April – change of candidate from Molly Nolan]

Edward Mountain, Scottish Conservatives (who also featured at the SGA’s husting last month and describes himself as a ‘proud member’ of the SGA – see here)

The event will be chaired by Max Wiszniewski, REVIVE’s campaign manager and any questions you have for the candidates may be sent to Max in advance for consideration.

To attend this event you will need to register (for free!) HERE.

For those who can’t make it, the session will be recorded and will be available on YouTube later.

The REVIVE coalition for grouse moor reform comprises OneKind, Common Weal, League Against Cruel Sports, Friends of the Earth Scotland and Raptor Persecution UK. For more information on their work please visit their website here.

11 thoughts on “Political hustings organised by REVIVE – the coalition for grouse moor reform”

  1. Perhaps I am missing something but surely these are Moors not Grouse Moors? We don’t call Dartmoor ‘Pony Moor’. They are simply moors ravaged of their natural ecology in the pursuit of one objective which someone in tweed historically has placed in the name.

    1. Personally I think ‘grouse moor’ is a very useful distinction. And for those who want more, there are sub-divisions of ‘walked-up grouse moor’ and ‘driven grouse moor’. It helps readers to understand the management that is (or isn’t) taking place there without having to spend a lot of time explaining each time.

      1. OK that’s useful. I suppose I was concerned that the ‘landscape’ becomes defined by its historical ‘use’ and the name unwittingly helps perpetuate this. Perhaps the name is fine when everything is returned to a sustainable balance.

  2. Whoever owns the moor can manage it how they see fit. Tingay has already lost the argument. She just uses it to fill her gut with donation-acquired Waitrose food.

    1. Mr Whiner shows very nicely the utter desperation of the intellectually and morally bankrupt. He dares to mention the word “argument” when it’s plain to se that he doesn’t have one.

    2. Ah yes, Waitrose, whose buyer stated that lead shot would have to be phased out. I wonder if that’s where you read the name.

      They also support Marine Stewardship fish and free-range eggs, and phasing out plastic. It’s what we call moving with the times and being responsible.

    3. Dominic – now there’s a great Waitrosey kind of name.

      And ‘Whoever owns the moor can manage it how they see fit’ reveals the usual, casual sense of entitlement that shooters customarily display towards all lower forms of life, human or wild.

      I realise this isn’t argument but then essentially neither is the whole ‘shooters v conservationists’ business.

  3. No representation from Alba.

    Sure they’re just getting started but that simply means you have a clean sheet to write on. Get them involved. Make your voice heard and you might get a good response.

    Disclosure: party member.

    I, for one, after the statements made by Fergus Ewing, would like to see Mairi McAllan get a good roasting.

    1. Disclosure – party member. ALBA are at 6% in the polls for ‘Iist’ voting, which should ensure seats in Hollyrood. That’s in the current media blackout, so one can expect it to increase. You’ll want them onside.

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