Welsh Government to appoint national police wildlife crime coordinator

The Welsh Government has announced plans to appoint an all-Wales rural and wildlife crime coordinator.

Speaking about the proposal, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths said:

I take the issue of rural and wildlife crime very seriously and commend police forces in Wales for the great strides they have made to tackle this over the years.

Our police Rural Crime Teams are seen as a shining light in this area of policing throughout the UK, supported by Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales, the Police, Fire Service, Government Agency Intelligence Network and the Crown Prosecution Service. 

Working with our Welsh Police Forces we now have a unique opportunity to build upon the good work of our Rural Crime Teams to establish a dedicated all-Wales Rural and Wildlife Crime Coordinator. 

I believe this police role could make a step change to the coordination, effectiveness and multi-agency response to rural and wildlife crime work. The coordinator would also represent Wales strategically in regards to UK initiatives as well as various UK forums and priority delivery group meetings.

I have therefore agreed to provide funding for this 12 month pilot role and have written to the Chief Constables of the 4 Welsh police forces and the police Crime Commissioners seeking their cooperation and support to appoint an all-Wales Rural and Wildlife Crime Coordinator“.

[Photo by Dyfed Powys Police]

4 thoughts on “Welsh Government to appoint national police wildlife crime coordinator”

  1. It would be a breakthrough if the North Wales force was encouraged to take illegal hunting with dogs seriously instead of cow towing to its social superiors……

    1. Why on earth did I immediately interpret “cow towing” as a weird sort of vehicle-based sport, rather than a canine-based activity?

  2. Maybe, re WJs ongoing case, this crime officer could be asked to contact the NRW, to find out when the ‘Kulling’ of those corvids for ‘conservation reasons’ is allowed, isnt allowed, under what circumstances..otherwise how is he/she supposed to spot a crime if it isnt stated categorically. How can they refuse to make this clear and indeed publish it?

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