The Scottish Gamekeepers Association’s latest malicious attack on Chris Packham

Just when you thought the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) couldn’t get any more desperate, their latest stunt will blow your mind.

This is such batshit bonkers desperation that I don’t really know where to start.

How about with a definition? From the Cambridge English Dictionary:

Desperationthe feeling of being in such a bad situation you will take any risk to change it

In this situation, the SGA blames Chris Packham and a number of other campaigners for asking for the law to be upheld (i.e. for gamekeepers and others to stop killing birds of prey) and for game-shooting to be regulated and the associated land management to be sustainable. These challenges to the industry are finally leading to legislative change, e.g the introduction of a licensing scheme for grouse moors in Scotland due to ongoing raptor persecution (here) and the banning of the mass killing of mountain hares on grouse moors because self-regulation has failed (here).

Chris Packham is the obvious target of hate because he’s so high profile and this has led to him being the victim of a long-running dirty tricks campaign by the shooting industry (see here), as well as on the receiving end of some disgraceful online personal abuse, some penned by senior SGA Committee members, see here and here. He’s also had dead animals hung from his gate outside his house (here and here) and in 2019 he received a chilling death threat (here).

It is this death threat that the SGA has decided to focus on, two years later.

For some reason best known to themselves, although I would guess it’s yet another attempt to smear and undermine Chris’s credibility because his campaigning skills are having such an impact, I understand that the Scottish Gamekeepers Association has employed the services of a ‘handwriting expert’ who has apparently concluded that Chris probably wrote the death letter and posted it to himself for a bit of publicity.

Armed with this ‘intelligence’, I’m also told that the SGA has made a formal complaint to Hampshire Police, questioning the ‘authenticity’ of the death threat letter.

I’m also told they’ve taken this outrageous claim to one of the Scottish Sunday papers who apparently will be publishing this nonsense tomorrow!

Now, I haven’t been told the identity of the ‘handwriting expert’ – it may have been one of the SGA’s ‘office girls‘, or perhaps the SGA is expanding its services from killing stuff to a bit of mystical witchcraft. I did notice this DIY consultation booth in the corner of Alex Hogg’s bothy the other day, which perhaps gives us a clue:

Whoever did the analysis, whether it was a DIY psychic from the SGA office, Mystic Mags from Montrose after a consultation with her crystal ball, or crystal meths, same result, or Mystic Smeg the Fortune-telling fridge, the SGA has wasted its time and money. I’m told Hampshire Police have dismissed the complaint and have reiterated their position to the newspaper that Chris has been the victim of persistent crime, that they will continue to offer him protection, and that they will investigate any further attacks on him with a view to prosecute wherever possible.

This latest display of desperation from the SGA reminds me of their failed attempt to undermine the scientific robustness of the Golden Eagle Satellite Tag Review, two years after it was published, by paying a high-ranking QC to ‘critique’ it even though he had no scientific expertise or knowledge of the subject and judging by his comments, hadn’t even read it properly anyway! That little SGA stunt was also roundly dismissed, that time by the Scottish Government (see here).

It’s the latest in a long, long line of distraction techniques…..from accusing raptor conservationists of poisoning eagles and then of ‘planting’ the corpse on a grouse moor to ‘set up’ an innocent estate, to falsely accusing conservationists of withholding evidence from the police, to now suggesting that Chris Packham might be faking his own death threats. You couldn’t make it up, but the SGA has.

Meanwhile, as the SGA stands with its pants around its ankles once again, the campaign to bring about fundamental change to the unregulated, unsustainable, and frequently criminal practices associated with gamebird management continues apace, with Chris Packham leading from the front.

UPDATE 14th March 2021: Chris Packham did not forge death threat, says Police (here)

25 thoughts on “The Scottish Gamekeepers Association’s latest malicious attack on Chris Packham”

  1. The Nasty Brigade reveal more about their own mindset with this nonsense than anyone else’s.

    What kind of fool would fabricate a death threat letter in their own handwriting and then publicise it? They clearly haven’t thought this through (no surprise there…).

    I hope this new bollocks backfires on them and this sinister event gets the resurgence of publicity it deserves – further damaging the interests of this odious group of scumbags.

    I think we should stop putting up with their crap and litigate against the bastards.

    Happy to crowd fund an action and prevent this victimisation.

  2. Let’s hope that the SGA does not have deep enough pockets for a libel case (not to mention wasting police time). Chris, if you’re reading, I’m good for a tenner for a crowdfunder… Let’s see if their hand-writing expert can verify their damages and legal costs cheque as genuine.

  3. The only possible explanation for this latest SGA ruse is that they are strong believers in the old adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I’ve no doubt that they’ve got it wrong yet again as the likely outcome of their actions will be to further consolidate CP’s status as an anti-persecution campaigner. I would suggest to them that another old saying is maybe more apposite – ‘If you’re in a hole, stop digging’!

  4. It’s time for Chris to sink these lowlifes. I’d quite happily contribute to any legal fund, because this is clearly defamation. The RSPB need to start getting a lot tougher with this crowd, too, because there have been some absolutely scandalous accusations about ‘set ups’ from high up people within the shooting industry that should have been followed up by legal action.

    1. Totally agree Da. What do they say about small things amusing small minds! Anyway, I would contribute as well. All the best to Ruth and Chris.

  5. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Given the publications it is obviously designed to inflame, rather than inform, their core membership. They will take it as read and one can look forward to it being endlessly produced on the websites their members attend. I think that the close proximity to the Scottish elections might be in their mind too as they desperately seek to deny the SNP an overall majority fearing change of a more fundamental nature might occur in those circumstances. If Land Ownership changes were introduced it would also go a long way to help diminish the hegemonic powers many believe these large landowners wield over various parts of our internal politican and economic systems.
    When all they have to respond with are fallacious personal attacks then the bottom of the barrel is receivinf an extensive scraping.

  6. I fully understand how unpleasant, stressful and probably very frightening these threats and abuses are to both you and Chris. I’m extremely sorry that you are subjected to such threats and abuse. I’m sure you know as I do that the majority has great faith in you both. Without you we would not have such a successful campaign – which is of course why the SGA are upping the anti.

    That said, I find it highly amusing that the SGA have gone to such ridiculous lengths to try and denigrate Chris. Thank you for your amusing report. Their actions only serve to strengthen the campaign and confirm that they are abusive people who are not prepared or able to consider the bigger picture, i.e the damage they cause to the environment and all that inhabit it.

    I hope that both you and Chris will be able to rise above the nonsense and that you will soon be liberated from the pathetic and low life antics that is being inflicted on you.

  7. Chris Packham is one of the most popular conservationists/TV personalities in the UK. It beggars belief that any Organisation would be dumb enough to go against this man! Instead of shooting grouse, they have shot themselves in the foot!

  8. I have said several times that SGA have animal effluent for brains and this is as close to proof as we will get. Shot them selves in both feet again! although the stuff in the press tomorrow will please a few of their sad followers. This whole campaign by them is proof of their fear of the truth and the publicity both Chris and you at RPUK have brought to folks attention it is in a sense the proof we are winning!

  9. Well, the SGA has earned Wild Justice another little donation! Every time these kind of actions are aimed at our conservationsists.. I respond the same.

  10. Its just a smoke screen from the SGA to divert attention away from their money making activities and paint Chris in a poor light unfortunately for them Chris is held in high esteem but those of us that value our wildlife and long may he continue his endeavours.

    1. I quote from your own blog from a day or two ago. This was from someone who was appealing for support from the SGA. I thought he summed things up very directly to this bunch of idiots.

      “Turning to your jobs, I think that there’s growing interest in nature, in rural and in land issues. Change is coming and I think that your organisation has got to take some strategic decisions about whether or not you’re going to be campaigning basically for a better yesterday or whether or not you’re going to be dragged resisting into the future, or you’re going to try and mould the future in the interests of your members.

      And can I just say as an aside, when I was just preparing for this I got one of your staff to send me some information about salaries, I’m surprised how badly paid many of your members are considering the experience and ability that they’ve got. In a way I shouldn’t be surprised because the feudalism, the class divisions that are so prevalent in rural areas in Scotland…..”

      Now there is a challenge for them. Don’t hold your breath.

  11. Difficult to imagine the minds of people who would think up this level of personal attack! It’s clearly those who are desperate and know they’re losing, which is a little frightening. Chris does not deserve to be on the receiving end of such evil rubbish, and he shouldn’t have to be. (I, too, would be willing to contribute to support legal action.)

    If there’s a positive to be found in this appalling situation, it’s the number of comments on Twitter this evening showing support and appreciation for Chris and his commitment to wildlife. The SGA has simply shot itself in the foot again.

    Thank you for doing what you are doing, Chris and Ruth… You are much appreciated… and you are winning!

  12. Thanks for keeping apace with & updating us with the incoherent ramblings of what appear to be drunken thickos. Their desperation is all over it, the Driven Grouse Shooting industry’s on its last legs.

  13. Not at all surprised by this…what you see here is the mindset of petty criminals everywhere, “Ive been set-up” “it wasnae me” “a big boy did it and ran away”…After a few years of listening to that kind of c*ap you realise whats going on but far too many innocent folk take it at face value, particularly those who cant understand why anyone would lie to them because being decent people they wouldnt do it themselves… I ask, yet again, “why would bird conservationists make all this raptor persecution up??..there plenty other threats to wildlife to worry about but..this is real and they know it.

  14. Lets cut the crap! Persecution and unsustainable exploitation of many types is happening in the countryside, wildlife, habitats and even landscapes but in the case of the grouse moor owners a blind eye is being shown time and time again when it comes to raptor persecution and habitat degradation. Ok, resources are tight but how much evidence does a government (present and successives), need to finally say enough is enough? Corruption rears it’s ugly head and some might say it may even go to the very top of many organisations. Then there is tradition to be upheld. Some factors/estate managers/sporting agents have never known anything else. Brain washing, morals of an alley cat, the inability to think for themselves and of course greed are hard nuts to crack.

  15. The SGA seem to be going in ever decreasing circles.Lets hope SOON they will disappear up their own arseholes

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