‘How grouse shooters are threatening UK’s wildlife’

Another new article, another new audience.

This time it’s an article published yesterday on Mancunian Matters, an online news website covering the Greater Manchester region.

Journalist Deniz Kose focuses attention on the work of local group Moorland Monitors, who describe themselves as a ‘grassroots community network working to protect persecuted wild species and wild spaces on driven grouse shooting estates’.

The article is worth a read (here) – it includes commentary from volunteer Bob Berzins about South Yorkshire Police’s ‘failure to act’ after the discovery of several illegally-set spring traps on a grouse moor in January 2019, which again serves to highlight the stark contrast between police forces – some are excellent and always right on top of their game, others, well, not so much, not all of the time.

It’s been that way for years, with enforcement in some forces seemingly based on an individual officer’s personality and/or links to the shooting industry rather than on upholding statutory regulation. It’s an issue that Chief Inspector Kevin Kelly, the new head of the National Wildlife Crime Unit, needs to get to grips with.

The Mancunian Matters article is likely to rile up the grouse shooting industry, not just because of its provocative headline but because it’s based on the testimony of the Moorland Monitors – a group that is utterly despised by the shooting industry. So much so that the Countryside Alliance, notorious for its unpleasantness, launched an e-lobby campaign in early February urging members to sign a petition asking Patagonia’s CEO to ‘immediately end both its promotion of, and working relationship with, Moorland Monitors’ after they found out that Patagonia had given a grant to the Moorland Monitors to help fund their work. Interestingly, the petition now seems to have vanished and Patagonia is still promoting the Moorland Monitors on the Patagonia website (here).

Still, I’ll bet that the hysteria generated by the Mancunian Matters article will be nothing in comparison to that generated yesterday by me posting the video of The Lounge Society, a teenage punk band from Yorkshire expressing their creative views on grouse shooting (see here).

In the video, the teenagers depict grouse shooters as rich, greedy, alcohol-swigging, blue-blooded, tweed-wearing toffs (that’s their interpretation, not mine) and the red grouse are symbolised by four lads (the band) wearing red/orange jumpsuits (the red grouse, geddit?). The grouse shooters use fake guns and pretend to chase, shoot and kill the lads in the red/orange jumpsuits (the grouse). But when the grouse shooters are sitting enjoying their lunch, the lads in red/orange jumpsuits (the grouse) come back to life and use fake guns to shoot the grouse shooters before walking off in to the sunset.

By sharing this video on this blog (and that’s all I did – share a video that’s been online for months – I didn’t produce or direct it!) according to some grouse shooting industry trolls it’s an indication that I’m ‘inciting violence against gamekeepers‘ and that I should be reported to the police, Government Ministers and probably MI5. Honestly, that is what has been written! These guys need to get a grip. It is interesting, though, to see them go in to meltdown over a music video showing some lads, representing zombie red grouse, using fake guns to pretend to shoot at some fake grouse shooters, but when real threats are made to real people, in real life, by people with access to real guns, (e.g. see here and here) not a word is spoken.

I think that puts the faux outrage in to perspective, don’t you? Especially when those real threats have come from some of the very same people now crying over a music video.

For those who missed it, here’s the video again. Take a look and make up your own mind:

11 thoughts on “‘How grouse shooters are threatening UK’s wildlife’”

  1. My wife found this recently on Facebook posted by BDGS. At least when they put you in the slammer, you will have company!
    Great that youngsters are getting involved.

  2. Saw the video. Good on the band and good on Mancunian Matters. Slowly but surely the wider public – who also have a right to be heard about what goes on in their countryside are catching on.

  3. These people are pathetic. The great thing is that pressure is being applied by so many different facets of society. Lovely to see and hear them squirm and winge! Keep up the pressure, and ignore the trolls.

    1. It’s incredible that the CA are indignant about genuine grassroots organisations like the Moorland Monitors, citing the ‘legality’ of the gamekeeping profession as a defence, yet they’re completely ignoring the fact that what the Moorland Monitors do is 100% legal. In fact, not only legal but they provide an incredible service to the public by highlighting the illegality and industrialised persecution that takes place in areas supposedly protected for wildlife. What public service do the CA carry out, aside from dedicating their resources to spewing out baseless propaganda and protecting bloodsports? The reason both gamekeepers and organisations like the CA don’t like the Moorland Monitors is because they shine a light on many of the despicable actions that take place in areas which are managed for shooting and away from the public eye.

  4. I have just watched a video of Adam and the Ants “Stand & Deliver”. Excuse me, I am just off to hold up a stagecoach!

    I thought winter had just about finished but it has clearly left a few snowflakes on the ground! Keep up the good work!

  5. Just like a pebble dropping into a still pond and sending out it’s ever increasing concentric circles, what started as a few bird lovers / environmentalists/ naturalists/ people with common sense, has slowly but inevitably spread out into society. While “The Lounge Society” do not rock my musical boat I applaud their message.
    Keep up spreading the word, it won’t be long until the sound of gunfire will fall silent on all our moorland.

  6. When you are in the jail you can get Eric Clapton to teach you how to play guitar….he did shoot the sheriff didnt he?
    Seriously the gamekeepers simply dont have the ability to see themsel as ithers see them. The politicians must be having a good laugh at their antics. Burn , blast and bully…its all they know.

      1. If you want depravity in song, look no further than opera. The Establishment’s music of choice. Pot & kettle anyone?

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