Multi-agency raid on Scottish grouse moor following reports of alleged wildlife crime

The Scottish SPCA and Police Scotland, along with other partners, have undertaken a search on a Scottish grouse shooting estate following reports of alleged wildlife crimes.

The multi-agency raid took place in November 2020.

A Scottish SPCA special investigations unit chief inspector, who cannot be named due to undercover work, said: “The Scottish SPCA is committed to the protection of all animals including wild animals.

We can confirm there is an ongoing investigation in to wildlife crime in the Tayside area.

This investigation is being carried out in conjunction with our partners from Police Scotland and we look forward to working with the wildlife crime unit as the case progresses“.

I understand this unnamed estate is in central Perthshire.

More details will be published when they’re made available.

14 thoughts on “Multi-agency raid on Scottish grouse moor following reports of alleged wildlife crime”

    1. Thanks Dave….great to see you still supporting the fight against wildlife criminals.
      Your contributions are legendary.

  1. Are we surprised it’s a grouse moor? Are we surprised it’s in central Perthshire?
    Good to hear of action taking place.

  2. SSPCA once again showing they play a major part this area of specialist crime investigation.

    Spca working alongside Police Scotland is key to increased enforcement.

    If you want to see wildlife criminals being held to to account support increased powers for SSPCA which will allow them to better support and resource police Scotland

    1. Fully support that one Graham…more powers for SSPCA is a no brainer…the only folk who are against it are those supporting the criminals and the rest have a political axe to grind and are scared for their cosy monopoly.

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