Some blogs of interest (1)

Readers of this blog might find these other blogs of interest.

RSPB Scotland: Reflecting on Scottish Government’s announcement of plans to licence grouse shooting (here)

ParksWatchScotland: How will the Scottish Government’s proposals for grouse moors affect the Cairngorms? (here)

Dr Hugh Webster: White hares & red herrings – a look at the Scottish Gamekeepers Association’s proposal to translocate mountain hares from grouse moors to, er, elsewhere (here)

Parkswatch Scotland: Muirburn and environmental destruction in the Cairngorms – Glen Callater and the Invercauld Estate (here)

Parkswatch Scotland: Prince Charles and conservation in the Cairngorms National Park (here)

Guy Shrubsole (guest blog for Inkcap newsletter): The Queen must rewild Balmoral (here)

Martin Harper: Good news and a challenge for a Friday about burning of vegetation on peatlands (here)

Alan Stewart: Timeline of wildlife legislation in Scotland (here)

Colin MacLennan (guest blog for Mark Avery): My Decathlon petition (here)

Trees for Life: Legal challenge to protect beavers in Scotland (here)

4 thoughts on “Some blogs of interest (1)”

  1. Thanks for the links Ed, yes very interesting & well worth reading, especially concerning the Cairngorm National Disgrace

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