Missing something, Natural England?

Do you need to update this?

And do I need to update this?

Or am I mistaken and you’re not trying to shield an industry riddled with criminals or hide anything that might reflect badly on your choice of ‘partners’?

UPDATE 12th January 2021: This news has eventually been dragged out of Natural England via an FoI request. See: Satellite-tagged hen harrier Harold ‘disappears’ on grouse moor in Yorkshire Dales National Park (here).

[Gunnerside, Yorkshire Dales National Park. Photo by Ruth Tingay]

12 thoughts on “Missing something, Natural England?”

      1. yes they say they can feed the nation with 5 loaves and a couple of Grouse, oh and wait till you taste the wine, I’m sure I have heard something similar before

    1. Excellent “Perdix”, yet again you demonstrate your narrow minded, bird brain. Feed the nation? How?

      Give us some figures on the supply of meat, fit for human consumption, that enters the commercial food chain. You may include, lead laced shot birds!

      If, as I suspect, you are involved with a shooting estate or industry, then some hard facts will be easy to come by!

      In your comment, at least you got something correct, “an industry riddled with criminals”.

      Warning: Lead is an accumulative poison.

      Quote, – Exposure to high levels of lead may cause anemia, weakness, and kidney and brain damage. Very high lead exposure can cause death. Lead can cross the placental barrier, which means pregnant women who are exposed to lead also expose their unborn child. Lead can damage a developing baby’s nervous system.

      How long have you been exposed to the poison?


    2. As others point out above, the grouse shooting industry supplies an infinitesimal proportion of the nation’s food supply so your comment is ludicrous anyway but, in any case, the question of whether or not the industry ‘feeds the nation’ is irrelevant to whether or not it is riddled with criminals.

      There are many industries that are multiple orders of magnitude more important than grouse shooting in terms of their contribution to sustaining the needs of society and they are all required and expected to comply with the law. When we discover that they are not doing so we are rightly angry and expect the authorities to investigate and prosecute. It has been shown time and again that criminal activity on grouse moors is widespread and is having serious adverse effects on the populations of several raptor species and there is no reason why this should be tolerated.

    3. Yes Perdix
      – They feed this nation with a diet of wildlife persecution, lies, misinformation, and misery,- smoked with muirburn and seasoned with a sprinkling of lead shot.
      It’s recipe of human nastiness, and makes most humans feel quite sick!!!

  1. More or moor to the point. I wonder which tagged and brood meddled Hen Harrier has been blasted out of the sky this time?

    Was it
    BM R1 North Yorkshire 1
    BM R1 North Yorkshire 2
    BM R1 North Yorkshire 3
    BM R1 North Yorkshire 4
    BM R2 Cumbria 1
    BM R2 Cumbria 2
    BM R2 Cumbria 3
    BM R2 Cumbria 4

    Presumably NE don’t even bother to name them as their life expectancy is so short

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