Take action – ask your MP to attend this debate on Weds to ban moorland burning

There’ll be a Westminster Hall debate on Wednesday 18th November 2020 (4.30-5.30pm) on moorland burning, moved by Olivia Blake MP (Sheffield Hallam).

It’s been a year since the Westminster Government committed to banning burning on peatlands, including the deliberate rotational burning on blanket bog (see here). However, nothing has happened and Ministers have been accused of stalling to protect grouse moor owners (see here).

In advance of this parliamentary debate on Wednesday, the RSPB has launched an e-action which allows you to sign up and have a letter sent automatically to your MP to urge them to attend the debate and speak up against peatland burning and urge the Government to act on its commitments.

The letter looks like this:

If you’d like to support this e-action and get your MP to attend the debate, please visit the RSPB’s e-action webpage here. It takes seconds to complete.

11 thoughts on “Take action – ask your MP to attend this debate on Weds to ban moorland burning”

  1. We may discover just how many MP’s, particularly those in blue, are going to stand up and be counted voting against this.

  2. It is madness that we still allow the burning of moorland. It was only a couple of decades ago that there were discussions around the burning of stubble and the environmental impact that had. Thankfully we had the common sense to come together and stop doing it. The same principles should apply to the burning of moorland. The wildlife damage that is done as a consequence of this vandalism if we do not stop will be a sterile countryside.

  3. I’ve sent the email.

    I don’t hold out much hope of a positive outcome from my MP. He is tory but does as little as possible. He also supports the shooting industry. His name is Damien Moore.


    1. As expected my MP did not attend the meeting.

      But at I was spared his usual waffle about “Damien, doesn’t do this, that or much else.”

      He has never answered any of my emails, positively. He normally has a standard letter telling the reader what he doesn’t do, like EDM, etc.

      An utter waste of time, and a game bird shooter.



      Dear Mr M,

      Thank you for your email.

      Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Moore was engaged in urgent diary commitments and was unable to attend.

      Thank you again for taking the time to email. Should you require any further assistance, please get in touch.

      Kind regards,

      Kate Rogers| Caseworker to Damien Moore MP.

      Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Conservative Party Chairman.

    1. You cannot write to your MP without giving your full name and address. It is Parliamentary procedure, otherwise the correspondence is likely to be ignored.

  4. For those of you considering your MP.
    MP’s email boxes are frequently inundated with mass petition emails.
    As such MP’s simply don’t have the time to read each one of these mass generated emails, which all consist the of the same message.
    If you really want your MP to take note- cut and paste the body of the petition into your own email, and then personalise it.
    It takes a bit more time than simply clicking the email action links, but I recall one MP saying that why would he bother to spend a considerable amount of time reading mass email petitions, when the sender has only spent a few seconds clicking links!
    He was of the opinion that if the sender had taken the time and trouble to write a personal email then it deserved to be read and responded to.- which is a fair point!

    There is a very good probability that MPs will take this matter seriously if you link the burning of heather to the governments climate change targets and the UN climate change conference due to be held in Glasgow next year.

    One more enlightened grouse moor owner near to where I live has already invested in heather cutting machinery and adhered to the voluntary ban.- which suggests some grouse moor owners are trying to do the right thing. I understand he also won’t tolerate any raptor persecution by his estate workers.

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