Another poll shows almost three-quarters of Scots against grouse shooting

A few days ago the League Against Cruel Sports published the results of a poll that indicated that almost three-quarters of Scots wanted an end to driven grouse shooting (see here).

A second poll, this time being hosted by The Herald, was opened on 4th November after the publication of a series of new reports on the socioeconomic and biodiversity impacts of driven grouse shooting in Scotland.

The link to this poll is here. It ends today (not sure what time). Anybody can participate, and so far over 25,000 have taken part, so why not have your say?

Earlier this morning, the poll results were looking like this:

Oh dear. It looks like the grouse shooting industry has quite a bit of work to do to convince an increasingly well-informed public that driven grouse shooting isn’t an environmental shitshow and shouldn’t be consigned to the history books without further delay.

6 thoughts on “Another poll shows almost three-quarters of Scots against grouse shooting”

  1. 26,170 votes, so not a bad return in two days. Clearly the DGS failed to rally their supporters, whilst it would seem that many still wished to say no ….

    The issue is as we all know one of the wealthy bubble dictating terms of land use alongside Governments failing to listen to the public mood. So much for democracy ….

  2. The end result of the poll was 79% against, 21% for, so a huge vote in favour of banning driven grouse shooting!

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