‘Government’s Den’: preview trailer for a new film from the Revive Coalition for grouse moor reform

The Revive Coalition for grouse moor reform in Scotland has released a trailer for a forthcoming new film, called ‘Government’s Den’.

A parody of the Dragon’s Den format, this short film imagines a world in which driven grouse shooting doesn’t exist – where the grouse shooting industry must pitch its case for starting driven grouse shooting – to the Scottish Government.

Would the Government be in, or would it be out?

The film will be released at 2pm on Wednesday 28th October 2020 on the Revive Coalition’s YouTube channel here.

The Revive Coalition comprises a number of organisations working for grouse moor reform in Scotland. Members of the coalition are OneKind, League Against Cruel Sports, Common Weal, Friends of the Earth (Scotland) and Raptor Persecution UK. Find out more about the coalition’s work on its website (here).

5 thoughts on “‘Government’s Den’: preview trailer for a new film from the Revive Coalition for grouse moor reform”

  1. An arrow straight at their Achilles’ heel. There is absolutely no way DGS is good for local communities, if it was its proponents would be pushing for a comprehensive and independent study to prove that. In fact they’re terrified of one. In some respects the Tory rank and file should be more critical than anyone else about DGS, public money being given to something which suppresses other economic activities and isn’t properly audited. The Conservative bigwigs that are the most dependable flag wavers for DGS are actually seriously at odds with the philosophy of their own party, they are a blatant advertisement that the old school tie, old boy network is what really operates instead. DGS should be as big a millstone around the Conservative Party’s neck as fox hunting. Well done Revive, this should be an excellent way to get a critical point across to the public, one that purely on its own is enough to condemn it, it kills rural jobs as much as wildlife.

  2. I hope this will become part of a new series. How about pitching to release 50 odd million non-native birds into the countryside which have more mass than all the other wild birds put together; then shooting them with a toxic heavy metal and dumping them in the countryside? Should be a dawdle.

  3. Whilst I am sure the forthcoming film will offer compelling evidence as to why DGS is wrong in so many way.
    At present the Revive YouTube channel has only 89 subscribers.
    Which suggests the films is unlikely to be viewed by the wider public.

    Hopefully once the film is launched, all the organisations within the Revive coalition will attempt to get some greater national media exposure to bring the film to the wider publics attention?
    Otherwise the film will probably only be viewed by the “converted”.

    The other short films on the Revive YouTuble channel have had hardly any views.

    If all the followers of this blog shared the link with family and friends, and asked them tin turn to share the link- could this start a snowball effect??

    We live in a strange world where some of the absolute trash which is put up on YouTube has thousands of subscribers, but something as important as protecting the environment, protecting wildlife and changing how humans interact with nature appears to be so unimportant to so many.

    The challenge is how to educate a population which seems so besotted with fast food, fast fashion and the shallow ethics which go with the “Me – Me” culture -which seems to be what 21st century Britain has become?

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