Eagle Reintroduction Wales Project: crowdfunding support needed

There have been a few blogs written on here about the potential to reintroduce golden and white-tailed eagles back in to Wales.

It’s not straightforward – there are two ‘competing’ organisations with two very different approaches (e.g. see here, here, here, here and most recently here).

The Eagle Reintroduction Wales (ERW) Project, is, in our opinion, a well-organised, genuine effort to assess the feasibility of reintroducing both eagle species to Wales. The project team is conducting itself with professionalism and due diligence and not making any grand or unsubstantiated claims, either about itself or the project.

This team needs some funding support to help continue its careful research assessments and has launched a crowdfunder to try and raise £25,000.

To find out more about the project details and to donate a couple of quid if you’re able, please click here

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