Another buzzard shot in Essex

Essex Police are investigating the shooting of a buzzard on 4th September 2020 at Davy Down Riverside Park, South Ockendon.

[Buzzard. Photo by Ruth Tingay]

PC Jed Raven from Essex Police’s Wildlife Crime Unit has confirmed the buzzard was shot, however its condition is unknown and the type of weapon used is yet to be reported.

[UPDATE 7 Sept 2020: Police have confirmed the buzzard died]

Anyone with information please contact PC Jed Raven on 101.

UPDATE 11 Sept 2020: Shot buzzard in Essex: an update (here)

This is the third bird of prey shooting in Essex in recent months, following a shot buzzard found near Weeley on 2nd June (here) and a shot hobby found at North Fambridge in August (here).


11 thoughts on “Another buzzard shot in Essex”

    1. So are you saying it’s okay to a commit a crime, and you are happy to live in a society where there isn’t the rule of law?
      I expect you would be very quickly screaming for justice if you or your family were a victim of crime.

      But the fact is many people do care what happens to our birds of prey, and our wildlife- people who aren’t bird watchers- just normal people who have normal society values, people who remain living quietly in the background, but when asked -are fed up of the selfish louts who don’t give a thought for anyone or anything else.

      So you are mistaken- people outside the bird watching community do care what happens to wildlife, but they perhaps, just don’t express that care as vocally as those in the various wildlife campaign groups.

      Why else would over half of UK home owners feed the birds which come into their garden- if they didn’t care?- source The British Trust for Ornithology.

    2. “Outside of the bird watching community nobody cares.”

      Not only is that incorrect, but the bottom line is that we all have to decide on what side of the line do we stand.
      The choice is stark and simple :-
      on the side of the criminal, or
      on the side of the law abiding.

      It is a very easy choice.

      Just what sort of person would support criminals ?

  1. BASC reckon it was a hen harrier and they should know. Their considered position being……XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX

    1. Even with Limited sight I can tell the difference between a Hen Harrier and a Buzzard, and I have not grown up in an area where raptors are common!

  2. The UK is full of morons who are so ignorant they think it is acceptable to kill animals. On the other hand there are those who should know better but enjoy blood “sports” and get some sort of sick pleasure from killing animals. The re is no hope with either group.

  3. Devastating news… On Sunday I was blessed to have 9 flying in and around my horse fields whilst I was working… Throughout summer I have 2 visitors that went up to 4 and finalised with the weekends number… All on video.. I adore my Buzzards and worry about them constantly… Until we have serious jail terms this will continue…. Absolutely disgusting human beings…

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