Chris Packham talks raptor persecution with Caroline Lucas MP 8pm tonight

Chris Packham continues his series of chats on raptor persecution and grouse moor mismanagement, this time talking with Caroline Lucas MP tonight at 8pm.

You can watch live on Chris’s twitter channel (@chrisgpackham) or on Facebook:

The recording will be available immediately afterwards on both channels. You don’t need to have an account to watch it (see link below).

These recorded chats are in support of the Wild Justice / RSPB / Hen Harrier Action e-action, urging politicians throughout the UK to take a stand against the illegal killing of birds of prey and the other environmental atrocities associated with driven grouse shooting. This e-action has currently been signed by over over 77,000 supporters. If you’d like to join in, please click HERE

UPDATE: To watch the recording please click here.

7 thoughts on “Chris Packham talks raptor persecution with Caroline Lucas MP 8pm tonight”

  1. I have had a rather pathetic reply from my MP to my email, happy to share it but not sure where to forward it to.

  2. Bored with this topic as it seems vindictive, while birds of prey are persecuted on grouse moors they fly over the rest of the UK to get to these because the moors provide cleaner or healthier habitat than all the other habitats in the Uk.

    1. Even if that were true, and the evidence suggests it isnt…what they are, are remote places in the highlands, where these birds, and other wildlife traditionally live/breed.They dont have the social media, communication network…as far as we know, to tell them that when they get there, to these places that should be safe ‘cos hardly any of us live there, visit there, that too many of the tiny population that do, are motivated to slaughter. They certainly should be cleaner, healthier…safer. That is the point. Who feels the target of this ‘vindictiveness’? The ones with the guns? Bless ’em!

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