West Yorkshire Police appeal for information after peregrine shot in Bingley

West Yorkshire Police are appealing for information after a peregrine was found shot in Bingley yesterday (11th August 2020) according to an article in the Telegraph & Argus.

The injured bird was found by members of the public at Bingley Three Rise locks yesterday afternoon. It didn’t survive its injuries, which a vet has described as being caused by a pellet gun.

[The shot peregrine. Photos by Brian Goddard]

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said:

Police were called during the afternoon of Tuesday August 11 by a vets surgery which made a third party report of a  Peregrine Falcon dying after being shot with a pellet gun.

Officers have recorded a crime for the killing of a protected schedule one bird and initial enquiries are underway.”

Anyone who has information about the incident is asked to contact the Bingley NPT on 101, referencing crime number 132004033337

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13 thoughts on “West Yorkshire Police appeal for information after peregrine shot in Bingley”

        1. Unfortunately, it now appears to have fallen out of the top ten (10:55). But a reasonably good article, all the same.

          Mr Pollard will not have much personal experience of the degradations of grouse shooting in his Plymouth and Devonport constituency because it is all pheasant shoots. Grouse have struggled on Dartmoor and Exmoor in recent years…

          1. Pollard will also have to explain how he sees licensing working. Does he have any idea of how expensive it would be to do properly, or is he the same as most other politicians, issue bits of paper and trust the landowner to abide. What is it going to take to make these people understand that a license will be a license to carry on as before while the government of the day ‘need to give it 20 years to work.

            1. “Does he have any idea of how expensive it would be to do properly”

              All licensing is done at the cost of the licensee. Why are you so concerned at how much this would cost the shooting industry?

              ” What is it going to take to make these people understand that a license will be a license to carry on as before”

              What sort of license do you envisage? Is a vehicle MOT license a ‘license to carry on as before’? Or does the vehicle have to pass tests assessed by independent experts?

              I have explained ad nauseum how licenses for shooting *could* be made to work, but closed minds refuse to accept that licensing is how politicians see this problem being resolved. Therefore, we have to make sure they appreciate how such a license *could* be made to work (one that does NOT depend upon successful criminal prosecutions, but which ensures this endless persecution of all predators ceases on shooting estates).

  1. What is it about xxxxx Yorkshire? And i say this as someone who has spent 10 years living there. Kids at my school who had air guns were the bullies, and racists. I know this isn’t helpful but i say this out of frustration, when are these elements of the worst of humanity going to join the human race.

    1. No coincidence that South Yorkshire has seen a dramatic increase in domestic violence during lockdown. Given past performance, we can safely assume a similar increase in violence directed toward pets and children. I’ve lived in Yorkshire for over three decades… There is no denying the truth, but why? Poverty and lack of education makes for a lot of angry men who are engaging in cycles of behaviour engrained over many generations.

  2. Another day another awful crime against our precious raptors, not on or adjacent to a grouse moor but in an urban/suburban area. Nothing wrong with us Yorkshire folk Anand most of us who know of these sorts of crimes are angered sickened and determined that somehow we will help them come to an end. Probably shot by some bloody idiot because he can, lets hope somebody shops him because they can and they know it is the right thing to do. If it were me, and of course it isn’t, who knew, the police would be going to hospital to find the culprit after the operation to remove his airgun from his arse.

  3. Not long before my family moved from Falkirk to Gloucester in 1977, a pair of then still very rare collared doves became regular visitors to my grandparents’ bird table on the same pretty grotty council estate I’d grown up on. I remember very clearly reading in the wonderful Orbis ‘World of Wildlife’ (which my grandparents bought for me) of this amazing bird called the collared dove which had spread all by itself from the eastern Mediterranean right across Europe and in the UK had first bred in my grand dad’s home county of Norfolk in the early fifties. Once I’d read this I wandered into the kitchen to see what was on the bird table…..it was a collared dove the very first one I’d seen in my life. It and its mate became regular visitors. Months after moving to Gloucester I got the sad news that some useless bastard had shot one of them on the bird table in the stomach and it had died shortly after they took it into their house, its mate hung around for some time.

    There are nowhere near so many arseholes blatantly shooting at everything in sight as there were, but still far, far too many doing so surreptitiously and sometimes still blatantly. I can’t recall anytime in the press or tv when there’s been any highlighting of how idiotic and in fact the persecution of wildlife via airgun is, never, ever. I bet that many who are still taking pot shots at wild birds don’t know that’s illegal. Whether or not that would bother them is another point, but shows that publicly the issue is not given much profile. And yes it was the arseholes with air guns that were also the same people that liked to intimidate people by having what they thought would be scary dobermans and alsations. The mentality behind this really neds to be openly ridiculed and treated with contempt.

  4. In addition to the horrendous wildlife crime committed in shooting this peregrine- there will also have been some firearms offences committed in relation to the use of the airgun in a public place.

    Bearing in mind all the various issues surrounding firearms, imitation firearms, shotguns and bb guns – their misuse, the potential terrorist issues, and the necessary police response to any incident involving a firearm, imitation firearm or bb gun- it is high time our politicians were bold and revisited the legislation surrounding their ownership and use.

    Is it not time a “necessity test” was introduced so that owners and potential owners would have to demonstrate an absolute necessity as to why they wanted to own such an item? Simply stating “vermin control” or “target shooting” would not be sufficient to warrant ownership- which would become a criminal offence if the criteria could not be met.

    Hopefully this would take some of these weapons out of the hands of mindless idiots who go out and play “Rambo” with our wildlife!!

    1. Well said, human fatalities have resulted from airgun misuse and domestic pets are often found to have been targeted. The wildlife lost must be significant. Not surprising that when some tighter regulations for air gun ownership were brought in in Scotland the SGA loudly opposed them. Well past time there was a big public campaign to raise awareness and reduce misuse. These mega powerful catapults need looking into as well.

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