£10,500 reward for info on four poisoned peregrines

Last week we blogged about the 4th peregrine confirmed to have been illegally poisoned with banned toxins in the Channel Islands (see here).

[Two of the four poisoned peregrines, along with the pigeon that had been laced with poisons and used as bait. Photo via Alderney Bird Observatory]

It was reported that a 5th (unidentified) raptor had been submitted for toxicology analysis and that a reward of £5,000 was on offer for information leading to a conviction.

That fifth raptor has now been reported to be a kestrel – toxicology results are pending.

[The dead kestrel. Photo via Guernsey Animal Aid]

In early August the reward for information had increased from £5,000 to £7,500 but according to Alderney Bird Observatory the reward now stands at £10,500.

If you have any information that could help this investigation please contact Sue Vidamour at Guernsey Animal Aid: 07781 150388.

16 thoughts on “£10,500 reward for info on four poisoned peregrines”

  1. I know nothing about that part of the country. Can someone tell me which interests are said to dislike falcons /BoP down there? Is it pigeon racing? Or are there some commercial game shooting interests? Thanks. Ps thats a sizeable reward it would tempt a few tongues to wag in poorer parts of the country i would say.

    1. Shooting in the Channel Islands:


      The open season for birds (pheasant, partridge, snipe, woodcock, wood pigeon, greylag geese, hybrid mallard and collared dove) runs from Oct 1 to Jan 31.

      Night shooting is not permitted.

      The shooting of ducks and geese is not permitted.

      Shooting is not permitted on Sunday or Christmas Day.


      In Jersey there are no game seasons and game birds can only be shot under licence for the
      protection of agriculture. All wild birds are protected with the exception of carrion crow, magpie, feral
      pigeon and woodpigeon which may be shot under licence.

      The shooting of ducks and geese is not permitted.

      But Guernsey shooters do visit Scotland to shoot grouse

      Of the two, I’d say visit Jersey every time.

  2. There’s not much to Alderney, someone must know who did it. Let’s hope 10.5k is enough to tempt them to speak out.

  3. Will the Guernsey police be any better than the English, who do not bother with wildlife crime? If they do catch them, a smack on the wrist is all they get as the judiciary are as pathetic as the police.

    [Ed: Not helpful, Christopher, or accurate. Sure, some police forces need to be doing much better but there are a number who are working their arses off on these sorts of cases and they don’t deserve your misinformed insults]

    1. Well, sorry to disagree with your august opinion but there’s a good deal of truth in what C Lock writes. No I don’t think much of the police’s record (in general) in investigating wildlife crime as we have read many, many time before on this blog. And yes again the judiciary are indeed useless in their sentencing as we have read many, many times before on this blog.
      So, sorry our opinions don’t concur with your defence of the indefensible – misinformed insults? Well maybe not so much.

  4. The reward on offer is very sizeable and the crime is high profile.

    Guernsey has a much lower crime rate than mainland UK https://www.numbeo.com/crime/compare_countries_result.jsp?country1=United+Kingdom&country2=Guernsey

    I surmise that the residents of the Channel Islands cherish their low crime rate and most certainly do not want nefarious riff-raff pitching up and sullying their excellent reputation. That being so, there will most certainly be people who will offer financial inducement to apprehend the criminals.

  5. xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx They should do DNA fingerprints of the pigeons carrying the poison and then test all local pigeons from the racing community to narrow it down to the breeder.

    1. Ed, – You are absolutely right not to publish my comment!
      – But I can only realistically see one group of people on Guernsey, who would have the motivation to kill raptors in this way.
      It’s so infuriating to suspect that this is probably a very close-knit group, who most probably know who is responsible, and despite the reward, will most probably not provide the police with the name of the suspect.
      I will be very surprised if anyone is brought to justice.
      Sadly, I suspect these persecutions will continue to take place, until the perpetrators realise there are real consequences for them?
      But that is also true with respect to raptor and wildlife crimes across the world.
      I just get tired of the criminals often seeming to have the upper hand, and the victims often getting little or no justice!!
      Time and time again, I have watched the law fail those it’s supposed to protect; and every now and again my anger boils over!! (especially when it it come to crimes and cruelty against animals).
      Best wishes, and thanks for all you are doing.

  6. Obviously xxxxxx xxxxxx in the channel Islands are responsible for this .they should DNA there pigeons and the poisoned pigeon they may be lucky and find it belongs to one of the pigeon keepers

  7. God I`m so angry. I`m beyond being rational now. Rational law abiding powerless people with mouth gags and handcuffs trying to protect wildlife from the wealthy Countryside Mafia with all it`s political power and a million foot soldiers carrying out the dirty deeds undercover. It`s a rigged game.

    Every copse and woodland in East Hampshire is full of feed bins and signs saying “STRICKLY PRIVATE”
    “KEEP OUT” . Even the goshawks can read down here `cos they show up then quietly disappear, Every year..

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