Poisoned eagle found dead on Scottish grouse moor: Chris Packham urges First Minister to act

Further to last week’s news that a young white-tailed eagle has been found dead on a grouse moor in the Cairngorms National Park, having been poisoned with a banned toxin (see here and here), and the Scottish Government’s woefully inadequate response (see here), Chris Packham has sent a video message to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon calling for action.

He sent the video, via Twitter, this evening. Click below to watch.

Thank you to all of you who have written to the First Minister (Nicola Sturgeon) and Environment Cabinet Secretary (Roseanna Cunningham) about this repulsive crime, which is far from being a one-off. It is clear that their inboxes have been deluged. Good, they need to be.

If you haven’t written yet, please consider doing so.

Here are the email addresses of the relevant ministers:

To email Nicola Sturgeon, please use this address: firstminister@gov.scot

To email Roseanna Cunningham, please use this address: CabSecECCLR@gov.scot

Thank you.

[The poisoned sea eagle, found dead on a grouse moor in the Cairngorms National Park. Photo by Police Scotland]


11 thoughts on “Poisoned eagle found dead on Scottish grouse moor: Chris Packham urges First Minister to act”

  1. I’ve retweeted this video. It needs to be listened to. Chris Packham is important, he’s a well known voice for wildlife and would I’m certain be willing to publicly demonstrate, legally and properly, at sensitive times, at certain geographical locations, with others, to help save the slaughter. After all, the criminals act with impunity, they break the law then laugh at the law. We need examples made and soon. We need the local police forces to grasp the nettle and show their professionalism and really investigate these crimes. We need the politicians to empower them. But in the end I believe only public gatherings and legal protestations, a national show of disgust, will win the day.

  2. Well done Chris..worth a try. The continuing silence and overall lack of real action is showing who is really in control of our country. Do something!

  3. The Holyrood mob have to be kept under relentless public pressure.
    If left to their own devices they will hunker down until the rage abates.
    The ruling clique are obviously aligned with the very people who are determined to perpetuate the current criminal state of affairs.
    Endless widespread publicity is the best means of bringing about change since that is the factor that threatens the votes that are being taken for granted.

  4. Why are the opposition parties at Holyrood not making a lot of noise over this and demanding more than a Government statement but Government action? Animal protection and conservation should be above party politics but when a Government has for years been seen to protect a wealthy minority who persecute wildlife and damage the environment it does become a party political issue and unless they take these issues up our MSPs do not deserve our votes. If landowners cannot obey the law the law should take their land.

    1. The problem is that the parliament is composed of 129 seats. SNP have 61 of those and therefore require only the support of 4 others to win a vote.
      In a situation such as that (in any parliament) other parties will vote with the government, or refrain from voting against, in return for a few crumbs from the table. The result is an ineffective opposition.
      The founding fathers of the Scottish Parliament never foresaw the possibility that one party would be dominant. Similarly they did not foresee the collapse of the labour party in Scotland.

  5. After week I got this:

    Thank you for your correspondence received on 28/07/2020. Your query will be passed to the relevant area for consideration and has been given a reference number of 202000068949. Please quote this number in all correspondence. The Scottish Government aim to respond, where necessary, as quickly as possible and within the stated timescale as indicated on our website (http://www.gov.scot/about/contact-information/how-to-request-information/).

    Yours sincerely
    Correspondence system for SG and partner agencies

  6. Instead of writing direct to Government Ministers in Scotland try writing to your constituency MSP or, for non devolved issues, your MP. Ask them to raise the issue with the relevant Minister(s) on your behalf. There’s a much better chance that the Minister will actually see your letter or e-mail, you will more likely get a reply via your MSP or MP and you will also be making the politicians who want your vote aware of the issue.

  7. Thanks to Chris and to this blog for highlighting these terrible incidents. I have just emailed both Nicola and Roseanna with my concerns, citing Chris’ message too. I wish I had more hope that the messages will have a positive effect.

  8. There is an excellent article on the poisoning of the white tailed sea eagle in the i newspaper this weekend.

    In view of the failures of the Scottish Government to take any action to halt the slaughter of raptors, I suggest we plan to make this an issue at the elections which will be held next year. Can we organise and put people up as candidates?

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