6 million blog views

This blog passed another milestone yesterday, reaching six million views.

It averages approx one million views per year and is currently attracting over 100,000 views per month.

We post this photograph every time we reach another million views because it’s what motivates us to keep going. This is a golden eagle that was found dead in the Cairngorms National Park in 2006 (photo by RSPB). It had been illegally poisoned. It epitomises everything in its pitiful, poignant, senselessness.

The photo could just as easily have been taken this morning, as the killing continues, although these days the eagle is more likely to have been shot as the criminals change tactics in an attempt to avoid detection.

Thank you to everyone who supports and contributes to this blog. It isn’t a pleasure to write it but it is enormously rewarding to see its increasing reach, and to be part of a wider group who are helping to build pressure on this issue.

We’re not going away anytime soon.

37 thoughts on “6 million blog views”

  1. The blogs’ strength derives from the integrity of their content, relevant and referenced from a deep reservoir of factual knowledge. Readers can’t fail to recognise that it speaks to truth.

  2. I am always astonished at how you manage to retain enough detachment to report on the never ending atrocities and the pusillanimous responses of the apologists for the criminals in the shooting industry. I wish you didn’t have to but keep up the good work.

  3. Too often sad reading but the true often is. Keep up your invaluable work. Keep the public informed, they will eventually see the light.

  4. Thanks for all your efforts in starting RPUK and to keep it going, sorry it’s needed, but as it is so glad it’s such a massive thorn in the side to those addicted to shooting grouse and pheasant for fun. There’ve been quite a few false dawns. but maybe victory is closer than we might think.

  5. Thanks for all the brilliant and tireless work you do. I guess it feels like quite a dark time right now but we are winning, and the cracks in the shooters’ defences are most certainly showing.

  6. The clearest, most pertinent conservationist blog on the Internet, giving no quarter to the crooks, criminals and other deviants who constantly deny, in the face of all evidence, the the facts surrounding the destruction of our birds of prey. A few years ago the author was also subjected to various forms of harassment from an individual closely associated with both game keeping and the organisation of shooting and fishing trips as they attempted to intimidate the blog. It only injected more energy and attracted more support for the cause.
    Well Done, Raptor Persecution.

    1. Spot on, George. What you wrote mirrors my views.

      Thank you Raptor Persecution. You are on the right track.

    2. Well said, George, as always.

      Loved how Ruth made her feelings clear with that field sports arsehole at the Bird Fair last year.
      I thought Chris and Mark were too accommodating to the sod.

  7. Thank you for this excellent blog. Without it it, many of us just wouldn’t know the depth and scale of raptor persecution, or the “smoke and mirrors” tactics deployed by the shooting cartels to cover up the criminality which is taking place. It has given me a good understanding of the problems faced by raptors, and why despite all the conservation work which takes place, just why raptor numbers remain so low. For too long raptor persecution has been a hidden crime, and the blog has exposed what many don’t want us to know!

  8. Congratulations! I bet you couldn’t have imagined this at the start, but you have caught the zeitgeist of the conservation movement and transformed outrage into action.
    The clock is ticking very loud.

    1. Very well said.

      Boy does the shooting industry know that you are around.

      Things are clearly changing. They (MA, GWCT, BASC, NGO and CA) know that if they can’t stamp out illegality in their industry it is at very great risk. The shooting industry does not stand up to any form of public scrutiny. The ball is clearly in their court.

      We are all greatly indebted to you.

  9. You do an amazing job. Sometimes at great personal cost. The more abusive the dark side get the more desperate they are getting. You and this site have a tremendous number of supporters and well wishers. Thank you.

    1. Spot on Alister! This blog site is absolutely astounding and acts as a very significant focal point. Where else would we find a conservation resource of such quality.

  10. Well 6 million blogs ago Channel 4 and the BBC wouldn’t have had items of raptor crime as part of their news reports. This is on the verge of becoming mainstream (if it hasn’t already).

  11. Re the photo….its a reminder of another day on the frontline of this long war. Of the many killed eagles I retrieved during my working life this one does stand out – a very long cycle and walk in [with Andy Stronach]. ..but the most memorable was my first, lying dead a few hundred metres from its nest, poisoned with alphachloralose – I had only just started a fieldwork contract [March 1982] and was blown away to find such superb creatures living in my own country – like most lowland scots I really had no idea. Well we all know about them now – I remain as angry about this today as I was 38 years ago..I hope you are too.It must be stopped, it will be stopped.

  12. Battles are won by constant small but significant steps rather than by great leaps. Stepping back from the gradual grind reveals that a great leap has been made after all. More leaps are needed but the recent critical commentary on raptor crime on Channel 4 & the BBC simply wouldn’t have happened a few years ago and this blog is an important reason why attitudes are changing and the pressure for change is growing. Congratulations on this milestone.

  13. RPUK / Mark Avery / Wild Justice has inspired many folk, me included, to dare to oppose the status quo even in a small way by commenting on websites. A light is now shining constantly on the dark side(s) of the shooting industry like never before and the aforementioned are deserving of huge credit. But knowing first hand the types of “establishment people” supporting the other side, knowing their capacity for skulduggery, their reach and influence in England, and combine this with the vast implications any DGS regulation or ban would have for english upland land values, we must still anticipate a long road ahead…but, critically, we must not be phased by this. Overall, a big well done to RPUK. We must all keeping chipping away.

  14. It’s been said so well by so many others above, so I will simply place on record my own appreciation for the fantastic endeavors made by Raptor Persecution. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you will win.” The inspirational work motivates others to work towards the demise of the industry which is underpinned by criminality, and as a consequence will see its demise sooner rather than later. Thank you RP.

  15. Congratulations and keep up the good work. This is the definitive blog in the fight against wild life persecution.
    Keep saying it as it is!

    1. Then have one from me as well! I only hope we all live long enough to see these obscene practices abolished for ever.

  16. Thank you for the incredibly hard work that obviously goes into bringing us the trusted information around what’s happening…. This horrendous persecution WILL come to an end!

  17. I’m late to the party on this one, but Thank You, Ruth et al. The blog is relentless, brilliant, compelling reading and without it many of us would be largely unaware of the daily remorseless persecution that birds of prey suffer in so many parts of the UK. As others have noted it is written with wit and a precision which makes if so hard for the persecutors and their defenders to attack it with rational arguments. That some then descend to personal attacks, trolling and harassment is sickening and a sad reflection of the people they are. Please keep going for our sakes, and for the sake of all those magnificent birds.

  18. Can’t express enough appreciation. Shining a light on my ignorance. The tide is slowly but inevitably turning thanks to this blog and others. Please grit your teeth and continue.

  19. Well done. This is the most important blog on conservation in the UK, because the whole issue of game shooting and its support from the Establishment is immense.

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