Q&A interview with RPUK blogger Ruth Tingay

Many thanks to Jimmi Hill of UK charity Raptor Aid for providing an opportunity to participate in a Q&A interview yesterday evening.

For those who are interested in my actual background in raptor conservation (as opposed to the shooting industry’s claims that I’m an animal rights extremist jumping on the bandwagon), you can watch the archived video on Raptor Aid’s facebook page (see link below). The discussion also includes a fair amount on raptor persecution, on running this blog, and a little bit about Wild Justice.

The video link is here and you don’t need a Facebook account to watch it: https://www.facebook.com/raptoraiduk/videos/854066891772187/

For those of you interested in raptor conservation, check out some of the other interviews that Jimmi has recorded with various experts from around the world through the lockdown period (all archived on the Raptor Aid Facebook page) for some fascinating insights. This evening at 7pm he’ll be interviewing Brian Etheridge from the Scottish Raptor Study Group – definitely not to be missed.

8 thoughts on “Q&A interview with RPUK blogger Ruth Tingay”

  1. The interview was excellent, well balanced and fair. The excesses of the shooting industry are unacceptable and we have to have a more balanced attitude to game management and conservation. Great job.

  2. Wonderful interview Ruth, simply telling how it is. That’s all we can ever do, unlike the “other side” their credibility is a bit like that of one D Trump. It matters not how damaged it appears to be to us the supporters ignore it. There will of course come a time when they cannot, that moment will be very interesting and I want to still be here for it, the reckoning as it were.

  3. It was interesting to hear more of your background, Ruth. I’m sorry but not surprised that you are getting serious grief from some people. Stay strong, it must also be satisfying to know that you get under their skins.

  4. A great 90 minutes Ruth, thanks for taking part. No reason I am sure (!!) for anyone to doubt your credentials for holding the game shooting industry to reason.
    Great to hear Ted Green getting a mention, I too have him to credit for where I have ended up.

  5. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for telling us about your life and adventures. You truly are an incredible person and a force for good! No wonder ‘they’ hate you! No wonder we think you’re great!

    And Jimmi Hill – what a wonderful interview. Interesting, friendly, revealing – lovely! Thank you.

  6. Thanks, Ruth for sharing your life credentials with us. You have gained immense knowledge with your work in different parts of the world and are well suited to what you do now. Keep up the good work and always remember that we wholeheartedly support you in what you do.

  7. Fantastic interview Ruth, added to what you’ve already told Charlie Moores. Extremely jealous you’ve met Ted Green as well as Carl Jones. Ted got a brilliant write up in Isabella Tree’s ‘Wilding’, one of life’s great characters which is underlined when you see one of his lectures on YouTube, I’d bloody love to meet him. I’m very glad you’re not accepting the abuse and are taking action – bloody terrible some are having to keep their heads down because they are in very vulnerable positions. If only the general public realised what’s going on in these rural ‘communities’. I’ll be sure to listen to the other interviews too, extremely impressed and pleased that Jimmi was comfortable swigging back a beer during the interview – quite bloody right!

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