Peregrine found shot dead in Brighouse, West Yorkshire

A peregrine has been found shot dead in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. It’s leg ring has identified it as a male that hatched in 2018 at the University of Leeds, according to @UoLPeregrine.

The dead bird was found yesterday (23 May 2020) and police wildlife crime officer PC CJ Newsome has tweeted that an x-ray has confirmed he’d been shot, although there is no further detail on whether this was a shotgun or an air rifle.

If anyone has any information about this crime please contact the Police on 101 and quote ref # 13200257548

23 thoughts on “Peregrine found shot dead in Brighouse, West Yorkshire”

  1. Again, I call this bullshit when there is no way of seeing an cray defining a single shot or multiple shots denoting whether an air rifle shot the bird or a shotgun.

    Thos is utter fantassy

      1. Indeed, I think that Richard is referring to the absence of an X-ray. Birds can sometimes be struck just by a single pellet from a shotgun cartridge. However, shotgun pellets are spherical and airgun pellets are “waisted” (hemispherical or pointed head with a flared skirt) and are usually very distinguishable in X-ray pictures.

        The war against raptors being waged by the criminals has significantly intensified.

        1. That helps. So what Richard is saying is that it is bullshit and fantassy because the police have not disclosed what weapon was used? I guess I’m still puzzled as to what Richard’s intent was in posting – it doesn’t seem to bear greatly on the fact that someone has cruelly and illegally shot a bird in (so far as I can gather) the centre of one of our towns. Perhaps Richard could help us out on this.

        2. These days some of the more powerful and sophisticated air weapons fire a pellet very much like a shortened 22 rifle bullet, they are not all waisted. I think we should ignore this ignorant oaf who thinks that the police are part of some conspiracy about raptor deaths to do what, who the hells knows!

      2. Richard, the Police may have their own reasons for not providing details of crimes during investigations.

    1. What the hell are you on about? An X-ray (I presume this is what you meant) may reveal associated skeletal damage as well as the presence of lead itself. There’ll also be tissue damage. It’s you who is the ‘fantassy’ merchant – rubbishing the Police statement without seeing the evidence.

    2. Another nitwit who can’t be bothered to read things properly. And who has about as much regard for the truth as for his own language.

    3. When will we find out anything about the peregrine that was shot in the Horbury /Ossett area early this year .Next year or the year after it didn’t shoot itself that’s for sure

  2. What an absolute sickener. Who would have thought it? Not safe anywhere, it would seem. Fortunate that it landed where it could be found, otherwise we’d have been none the wiser.

  3. This is not only one dead peregrine as it is highly likely one of a breeding pair that at this time of year should have young to provide for resulting in their possible demise also.

    1. How true. I have spent much time over the past two months monitoring the progress of several Peregrine nests live-streamed via webcam. Most of these have three or four chicks which are now well developed and within a couple of weeks of fledging. Their food needs are enormous and a single parent would be unlikely to finish raising the entire brood.

  4. Centre of Brighouse – urban area? In addition to the appalling wildlife crime which has been committed, there is every probability that there will also be a number of firearm offences committed as well. Hopefully the seriousness of the incident will induce witnesses come forward and assist the police in bringing the criminal responsible to justice?
    Motive may also be a good indicator as to who would have been likely to commit this offence.
    One only has to ask the question – who living in an urban environment would have the motivation to kill a peregrine?- could the small minded hatred some pigeon fanciers display towards raptors, especially peregrines, be sufficient incentive to give some of these misguided individuals the motive to shoot a peregrine?
    Hopefully this is a line of enquiry the police will pick up on- and bring the witless perpetrator to justice!

    1. In reply to your question if pigeon fanciers would be so low as to shoot a peregrine I would say unequivocally yes. Not only shoot. A few years back at an unused quarry site that I used to monitor for peregrine, a nest full of dead young raven were discovered at what had been in previous years a traditional peregrine eyrie. Immediately above it was a tethered pigeon laced with a banned poison.

      1. I just didn’t want to say out right what I suspect or believe!!!
        But yes, my suspicion is that the peregrine was deliberately targeted by someone who keeps pigeons.

        Sadly, we see this sort of behaviour in other groups who think they have absolute rights over the animals they interact with either in the name of sport, fun or a hobby.

        It is well documented that gamekeepers will target and kill anything that predates on game birds.
        Fishermen have been known to be over protective to fish and have been suspected of setting snares for otters.
        Amazingly, some individuals even get angry and will attempt to shoot sparrow hawks that take song birds which congregate around bird feeders in winter.
        I remember having a conversation with one very irate individual after a sparrow hawk had come in and taken some song birds from his garden- I suggested that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to put his bird feeders in the middle of the patio, from where song birds could not immediately seek cover when a sparrow hawk flew overhead!
        Again, I was confronted with that small minded witless attitude about the individual wanting to sit in his house and watch the birds on the patio from the window!
        My reply was simple- by all means feed the birds- but do it for their benefit – not yours!!

        I honestly believe that all school children should be taught as part of the national curriculum about environmental issues, and how human interaction and respect and understanding for nature and wildlife is vital to all life on this planet. And that this subject is as important as the other key subjects!
        Perhaps if we actually did this, we would see far less of the “cruel small minded witless behaviour” some individuals display towards raptors??
        And perhaps society as a whole would gain a better understanding of how humans fit into complex global ecosystems and why they must protect these ecosystems above anything else??
        Thank goodness for organisations like Wild Justice!

        1. The environment and natural history should be part of the national curriculum. You only have to watch University Challenge to see how woefully ignorant people are about the natural world. At least ‘forest schools’ are gaining credence.

        2. Be careful what you wish for, no doubt our guardians of the countryside will be more than willing to teach children about vermin and how they need to be controlled

          1. They do that already with their own kids and the young men and women who gain work experience on shooting estates whilst training to become gamekeepers. We are all guardians of the countryside and we are failing young people if we allow their voices to become the loudest.

  5. Brighouse is not as ‘urban’ as some might think and there is farmland and open country around the town. But is is also a town and surrounding district with long standing tradition of pigeon keeping – my first thoughts were that someone connected with pigeon racing or breeding was involved.

  6. I often feel depressed vising this website. The image of Tim “coward” Cowin stamping on short eared owls still haunts me. I`m so grateful that he doesn’t live anywhere near me, for reasons I can`t print here.
    This website is an endless list of wildlife crimes, yet only a tiny list of convicted cowards.
    I occasionally buy a “shooting times” just to see how these organisations are dealing with the problem.
    Not one mention except for “brood meddling” and verbal attacks on anyone trying to address it.
    You quickly arrive to the conclusion that they hide behind each other and ……

  7. His over used trigger finger missed the X and hit the C – pity he didn’t miss the bird as well.

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